Sungai Petani ZUMBA® Party + Expressway Accident

Participated the first ever ZUMBA® Party in Sungai Petani, organized by the local instructor Lisher Kang.

It was pretty much a last minute decision I made - the party was on Saturday and I only decided to go a day before. LOL.

We departed from Perlis at around 12 noon. First stop at Alor Star Mall to buy dog food for Jack-Jack and a yogurt treat. The journey continued for another an hour and half, and we arrived at SP, a little late in time for our lunch at Chennai Curry House next to Village Mall, Tess' recommendation. The banana leaf rice indeed looks tempting and appetizing! (We didn't order the banana leaf set though) Nevertheless, the nasi beriyani lunch was awesomely yummeh!

We had some stroll at Village Mall after lunch. I have to say, never judge a mall by its 'cover'. VM might seem big from the outside, but the inside, a little disappointing. We had some good time though, especially when there's music of our good old 'dance fitness' time, we had to control ourselves not to have a flash mob dance there and then! :p A little frustrated too when we couldn't remember the steps of Rihanna's S&M.

The ZUMBA® Party was held at Laguna Merbok Club House. We were there early hoping there's some comfy lounge or lobby couch for us to ease ourselves while waiting for the time to come, better off, hop into the swimming pool as it was so freaking hot day!

...NO... The fan at the lobby is too far (the ceiling is too high) from the couch, the fan outside the hall  is not directly above the seat, and the fan near the study room etc is broken :( We couldn't enter the study or children's room because it's for members only. Luckily the seating area is comfy and a little windy, and we had some shower before the show to refresh ourselves!

FYI, my period started on that noon after few days of breast ache -__-

When the hall was cleared for our session (they had taekwando class before the party), we settled ourselves in the hall, found ourselves a corner to put our stuff and our ZUMBA® corner. To our surprise, Ai Ling showed up!!! ^^

The party started at almost 8pm instead of 7.30pm. Despite that (and the period), it was tip-top fun! The party started with Zaina's warm up, followed by songs and songs of fellow instructors! It was so much fun! I backed up Tess during her songs, and it was less stressful than the October Fiesta because the crowd was smaller and the stage was small.

Overall, it's fun fun FUN!! ^^

Next, it's time for our own PARTY!! It will be on the 17th at Putra Palace Hotel, Kangar, Perlis, 10am - 1pm, ticket charges RM35, student rate RM20. Come on join us have ZUMBA® fun!!!

p/s: Wonder why my body is getting shape-r and curvy-er nowadays? (I definitely do not get thinner as the weight remains the same at 55kg) Thanks to ZUMBA® lah~~!! :D

******   ******   ******

Extra Hot News Time:

FYI there are few stretches of the North-South expressway without road lamps, so in the night it will be pitch black. 

On our way back from SP to Perlis at about 11pm, in one of those pitch dark stretch of the highway, we noticed the cars at the opposite side of the road went slow and kept flashing their headlamps. Cars in front of us were braking and drove slowly. We got cautious and slowed down too, only to realize there's a brown-colored smaller size cow laying on the shoulder of the road. A little further in front was a white-colored larger cow on the RIGHT, read me, FAST LANE of a HIGHWAY. We were shocked! There's some cars packed at the shoulder of the road, we suspected the cars knocked the cows.

After our car went further front, I turned back (note: I was the back sear passenger) to see if the cars behind us managed to notice the cows. Then, there was this car, going fast, flashing the head lamps, I suspected the car noticed the brown cow and tried to avoid it plus all the cars going slow on the left lane, so it overtook all those cars and went fast on the right lane, but it's too late for the driver to notice and avoid the larger white cow, so the car...

...rammed over the cow, FLIPPED(!) upside down, and SKIDDED to the shoulder of the road!!! The car roof skidding on the highway produced sparks and stuff! It was totally like in a movie and totally SCARY!!! 

There was no news about the accident on google, so I thought it wasn't so serious to become a news, but I do hope the careless car driver is OK, and hope there's no other passengers in the car!!


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