Jasmine is in Town!

Oh yeah, before the on leave thing, Jas is back in town!! :)

For me, it should be a 'was' coz I only got to see her two nights, and this time, no K time! :( Sad max.

I had already the flight tic to KL that weekend when she messaged about her coming back to Malaysia. Thrilled with excitement!!

We had a girls' night and chit chat whole night long after Jas tucked K in bed, had to excuse herself few times as K woke up in the middle of her sleep for her mom. We had such a crazy chatty night, let all our skeletons out of the closet, and dammit now I'm afraid they gonna blackmail me someday for my past!!

LOL kidding :p

We had another gathering the next day with the BFs (except Rui, his turn to babysit) at Sunway's Station One as Jas was staying at the Sunway Resort. Catching up with the boys were fun!

Oh dear I miss you already Jas oi!!


Jasmine * said…

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