Mini Princess Peeling Foot Mask

THIS! Big time love!

Pandai, didn't take 'before' picture. And, warning, icky foot pictures ahead!

Anyway, this is how my foots look like now, 5 weeks after using the product...
Blackish because the room floor gets slightly dirty, but can you see the heel is started to 落皮, and the thumb too. Sometimes, or most of the time, it would get really nasty thanks to my itchy hands can't stop peeling it...

Need to rewind story back to..... last year?

I noticed this Mini Princess foot mask long time already, but it is kinda pricey, RM29.90 per box, tak sanggup....

Then few months later, they had this promotion of buying the Yuji Jelly Mask FOC one box of the foot mask, so I immediately bought bcoz I wanted to buy a mask that time. The first time was great!

Then, months later, Groupon had this promotion of buy 1 free 1! Mana boleh missed out! So I bought!

Had slight unpleasant experience while claiming the product, thankfully the problem was resolved (but had to go to the outlet two times though, sien max) and I got my stuff.

LOL my foot looks like 三寸金莲!No offense =_=

There's one pair in one box, the purpose of wearing the socks is to enhance the mask application. I remembered not to do anything while applying the mask, but, it's me we talking about, there's always something. It was really weird walking around with the mask on, you literally walk on plastics! Apply for 60-90 minutes then take off.

5 days later!!
Foot calluses will gradually peeled off within 5-7 days, duration and condition are subject to individual. I calculated the days carefully, so that the foot calluses peeling off period began and ended before I went to KL, because, it would get messy and Chou Hon no like messy. Mine happened 5 days later, on the day when the timber happened. Mom was worried if it was caused by the dirt or ants or whatever I stepped on when checking out the tree, and because I couldn't stop checking on my foot and peeling the skin off! I reassured her over and over it was the effect from the foot mask, and she still worried.

The foot calluses will keep on peeling off and off, starting from the site where it in contact with the floor the most (sole and heel), to the toes, then the upper part. During the 'serious' period, you will leave a trail of peeled skin behind you when you walk, especially on carpeted floor. Mine was completely removed about 1 and half week later, leaving a smooth and soft foot.

It doesn't cause any itchy or allergy on my foot, but my hands get itchy during the skin peeling off moment! That's my experience :)


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