Makan Trip: Malacca + Muar Johor


1) 486 Baba Low, Jalan Tengkera

The variation of food was not wide, Laksa - Mee Siam - Nasi Lemak - Popiah - Paitee - period.

I in-charge of taking the seat and Hon went to order the meal at counter. When he walked back, an aunty whose husband sitting next to our table walked back too, and said to the husband:"Yeeer they are very rude! Have to wait half an hour summore!!"

I exchanged look with Hon, he snugged his shoulder and nodded, saying the aunties at the counter were in fact rude, and it gonna take some time for the meal to come, asking if I'm willing to wait. I was too hungry to find another makan place, so I said OK.

About 5 minutes later, the aunty and uncle at next table walked off, I bet the aunty very pissed off and agitated until cannot tahan liao! Moments passed by, busy eyeing the lengluis and lengzais, and finally our food was up!
I ordered a laksa, Hon had mee siam and add on one paitee. The creamy smooth soup of the laksa was really nice, the paitee was a thumbs-up too. Personally think the Mee Siam is merely fried bee hoon with curry broth, nothing special.

Then I saw first hand the rudeness of the aunties. However, it wasn't fair to say so lah. They were too freaking busy with 7-8 tables but only 2-3 staffs/chefs/helpers. They definitely gonna lost big time in Diner Dash, but in real life, we customers have to suck it up if we want makan. A cute guy at the next table wanted extra bowls and chopsticks, the aunty simple yelled:"Go take it yourself at the counter! I am buuuusyyyyyyy!" while rushing clean table and send food.

2) Baba Charlie (Opposite road of Baba Low) - Nyonya Kueh

This Baba Charlie Kueh shop supposedly a famous one, a lot of outstation cars (W and S plates) were entering and exiting the narrow alley towards the shop. Parking lots were limited and narrow, so the driver of those big big cars like Alphard and Starex had their parking skill tested in this place.

Not just plenty of cars, plenty of people too! A line started to build up from inside the house to the gate. Oh, FYI, this is the house-turned-shop style, kueh is inside the house and pay money outside at the front yard.

I'm not really a fan of sweet Kueh (despite the fact that I'm a Kelantanese! Why lah everyone stereotype-kan Kelantanese can/like to eat spicy food and sweet stuff one??), surprisingly all the Kueh we bought were nice to my liking! For example, usually ondeh-ondeh were super sweet and too sticky, but the one sold here were not only big, but juicy and the melted brown sugar were adequate and I love it!

Muar, Johor

Muar is about 1 hour driving distance from Malacca, and a whole lot of foreign immigrants! A little scary if you ask me.

1) Jit Fah Chicken Rice Ball, Jalan Meriam

 My first try, and, honestly, I wasn't so impressed. The chicken sauce wasn't much, so there's nothing for me to scoop and to put on my rice; the rice itself was pretty dry, no choice I had to put dark soy sauce on the rice to eat it*. There's no soup or anything I can put on the rice and I just wasn't impressed...

*I am not used to eat rice with dark soy sauce, the salty soy sauce - yes, dark one - no no; and I'm also not used to eat dry rice.

2) Kopi 434, Jalan Bakariah

Had our coffee break at Kopi 434 aka Sai Kee Kopi Serbuk Sdn. Bhd..

The place is in front of a jetty, and the area was full of Bangla(or whatever you call them)! There were group and group and groups of them, like a mini Pudu, it was pretty scary I hold Hon's hand tight tight.

The decoration and ambience of the cafe were really nice, the shop's interior uses wood and planks from floor to ceiling, one big table is made of half-chopped big trunk! Very atas feeling, but the price not atas at all, like Oldtown price, but the feeling is definitely more atas than the franchise-y Oldtown.

The drink menu, coffee lah majority, is divided into few categories: Espresso Drink, Traditional Local Drink etc etc. I only paid attention to the top two categories coz it's like where the best selling and recommended drinks belong. I ordered a Sai Kee Special from Espresso Drink and Hon ordered Elephant Bean Coffee from Traditional Local Drink.

That was my coffee. As you can see, although it is under Espresso Drink, 80% of my coffee was milk, after stir up also taste milky more than coffee, bo shiok. Hon's Elephant Bean was much better!

3) Glutton Street, Jalan Haji Abu

Luckily we decided to park our car one block away. So freaking jam loh!!

As per name, the whole street is stalls and stalls and shops of FOOOOOOOOD!

See, the road is full of stalls, people walking here and there, and cars going through the road! I had tobe extra careful so that their cars didn't run over my foot...

There was so many stalls, I didn't know what to choose; plus Hon would be mad if I bought and didn't finish the food, so I had to be extra careful on this too...

Finally, we bought satay, otak-otak, oyster omelette, and three pieces of bak gua.

4) Dataran Tanjung Emas

After tapao, we went to the park to eat and paktor.

The park is quite a distance from the town center, serene peaceful riverside view and less traffic, nice!

There's an event going on that day; families bringing their kids to the park for a stroll; teenagers and youngsters hanging out; small scale hawkers selling bubble toys and stuff... We sat by the river, looked over the river to the opposite side, looking at people having fun in the park, eating our food.

5) Restaurant Ting Ting, Jalan Bakri

Our last stop.

We were there at 5.15pm, thinking it was way too early for dinner and they might not open yet, but since there's few tables occupied already, we walked in and took a seat.

We made a wise choice! There's about 50 tables in the restaurant. At 5.30, the place was still empty with only less than 10 tables occupied. In just 30 minutes, the people started flowing in, the seats started to get filled and some empty ones being reserved, and BOOM! FULL HOUSE!! If you come at 6pm without a reservation, all you can do is waiting for table! Geng not!?

The Snakehead Mee Hoon - MUST HAVE!!! (It is on the Chinese sign board, sure must have loh~!!)

We also ordered a shrimp roll (sia juan) and oyster omelette. The shrimp roll was superb!!! OMG my mouth is watering again! 

The Mee Hoon's portion was quite big, we ate slowly until a family stood beside our table anxiously waiting, we finished what we could, paid and went home.

The sun started to set by the time we left, and the trademark...

...the elevated antennas.

Makan trip done! :)


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