Foldie Ride 15.64km + 38.83km at Perlis

Should I take down the on leave notice? Sounds like a nonsense now since I write so many posts afterwards LOL!


It's kind of rare that I spend weekend at Perlis nowadays, and weekend is the only chance I get to use my foldie. Why not weekdays? 1) Weekdays need to wear long pants/jeans, cycling to lab will hot die; 2) big bag small bag, no place to put; 3) activities after lab hour...

Yikes! Only realized I never take any pictures of my foldie!! Sorry babe...

So, yesterday, I suddenly had this mood of wanting to cycle around town (maybe a little farther since I always cycle with my foldie for lunch and groceries shopping only, very near +-1 km distance nia, and I'm not sure if the foldie can tahan long distance... Too many concerns). And because I woke up early. And because I want to try the Endomondo app to see how it works. And because I don't want to test the app with running (Actually I did try the fitness test, but I had ankle cramp in 1km of running, sien max). And because I am a fitness freak.

Result: I did a 15km in 1 hour. =)

I was so hungry half way through because I didn't have any food except water since morning! Hurriedly finish the round and stopped by the kopitiam near my house for breakfast.

Saw Wei Xiong on my way to lab yesterday, he was on his foldie too, so we arranged another cycling round  to Kuala Perlis the next day there and then.

Today: 38.83 km in 2.44 hours!


Initially we only planned up to KP. While breakfast-ing, I came up with an idea of detouring to Kuala Sanglang using the seaside road from KP, and WX said ok.

So we made one big round from KP to Sungai Baru (didn't make it to Sanglang though), and back to Kangar from Utan Aji. Basically one big round lah, as shown in the map above.


Although my vajayjay is in pain -_-

Muahaha proven my foldie is powerful! Next challenge: Chuping / Padang Besar!!

Previous ride:
Round 2
Round 1


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