Curse the Sun

I woke up this morning to see sun shining outside my window and I cursed It.

Must use 'It' with capital 'I' because the sun is so darn BIG.

Is it bad? I mean to curse the sun.

I was planning to cycling since Saturday, and Perlis has been raining since the week before, so I had to cancel and postpone my cycling plan.

Then, I thought about Tuesday, which is a public holiday - Malaysia Day.

Then it's been raining and raining, so I didn't put much hope lah.

Then, this morning, I woke up, saw sunshine outside, and I growled and cursed it!

I didn't want to go out for a short ride because the preparation to go for a ride is tedious, with the bike pants and baju and sunscreen and stuff, so it had to be 20km and above, but I woke up kinda late and it was too late for a long ride.

Sigh.... Y u do this to me my dear Sun!!


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