Phuket 2014: Day 1 - Patong Exploration

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Day 1:

Thanks to the missing glasses I got to be sui sui (pretty) on this trip haha!

Our flight was scheduled at 7.25am, landed at 7.30am local time (flew for 5 min hahaha!), hopped on the bus at 8.00am, arrived Patong at 9.30am, found and decided our accommodation at 11.00am. After settled down and rested, it's already 2.30pm! We quickly went out to explore the place.

Our first local meal in Phuket, and it just had to be a very expensive noodle.

60B per bowl!!! Summore the portion of the sprouts were more than the noodle!!

The mobile noodle stall was parked right in front of Christin Massage, and we were hungry. We thought, well local food price wouldn't be affected right? So WRONG! When she said hok sip baht I thought she meant two bowls, nope, it's the price for ONE bowl! -_- This was out first taste of very expensive and overpriced everything Patong.

We walked across Jungceylon Mall to get to Banzaan Frest Market, a highly recommended place to visit because of the wide variety and 'cheap' seafood.

Red arrow pointed at Jungceylon, black arrow pointed at Banzaan

We read online that Banzaan sells cheap seafood, cheap fruits, cheap everything, which turns out to be NO cheap. The price of the seafood is similar to ours back in Malaysia, the hawkers were pestering and bargaining, everything was so touristy-priced! We walked out shocked and unbelievable.

Walked back into Jungceylon Mall and had our first decent meal at Wine Connection Restaurant which has an ongoing promotion of a pizza + soft drink for only 149B! I know this sounds so unlocal but with all the ridiculous local food prices, we rather spend on such restaurant to eat.

Another attraction: Boots buy 1 free 1 promotion!! =)
We didn't buy luggage on our flight back so we could only spend on liquids that were less than 100ml.

Along the way, we asked about the island hopping package and its price. One guy being very straightforward by saying his first sentence "Come ask price no problem" LOL I like very much. We were still deciding so we didn't buy from him, too bad when we came back at night he was already closed. =/ We bought a package to Raya Island and Coral Island at 800B per pax, the cheapest we could find.

Please come during low season because everything (except food) is cheap! The original price of that island hopping package is 2,200B but it's 50-60% discount on low season!

At night, we walked to Patong Promenade and Bangla Road for curiosity and food hunt.

Phototaking failed but we look so cute right?? - at Patong Promenade

The ever famous Bangla Road
As long as you look tourist-y, when you walk on Bangla Road people will come coaxing and shoving menu and cards and whatnot and say 'Thai Girls Show Ping Pong Show'. If you don't like you can just walk off lah no biggie. What scared me is when they form a human wall at the end of the road haha like at war like that!

Hon remembered seeing pork rib BBQ during his last visit in September, so we headed that direction to find food - Drink & Food Festival.

Yup that's the name of this place. The place is inside a lane, open air food court style, stalls and stalls selling different kind of food. We ordered pork leg rice for 100B, BBQ prawn for 300B and a cocktail bucket for 280B. Hon said the pork leg rice in Chiang Mai (nicknamed 凤飞飞 coz the seller wears hat, signature of a deceased Taiwanese singer) tastes better
Pork leg rice

BBQ prawn - not big but satisfying

Cocktail bucket
Drink Bar
The place has a stage for live band performance. At around 10pm, the live band was replaced by a fire show performance, started with a girl performing Hawaiian dance, a macho man played with fire, and lastly the combination of fire and hot Hawaiian dance. The whole performance lasted for about 30min, tips are voluntary.

We were so tipsy although the drink hadn't finished, the drink guy let us bring the bucket back haha! We walked back to hotel very tipsy (Me lah being very tipsy, even got time to pangsai at Kee Resort hahaha!)


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