Shir-'B'-Lyn: The Ultimate Challenge

Argh~ How do I start about her~

This girl has grown since the last time I saw her, and it's like... a month ago? She was awake when I arrived at her place (Kebakat, Wakaf Bharu), and we took her out for a short ride.

Car ride!

During the weekdays/working days, she comes over to our place for the sake of her feeding (she kinda refuses formulated milks and keen of breast milk recently...) and my sister's convenience. THAT's when I finally get a taste of Lim Tino's nanny experience... -__-


I must say, this little fellow has a lot of 'patterns' when she fell asleep. I'm not sure if all the babies do that, but she is one of the best sleeping posers I have ever met... especially the hands.

Boxing style

I sleep.... passionately...
See what I mean? She tends to flip to one side, and her hands get busy. However, that's when she's the cutest, because when she's awake, her mood is so unpredictable, and she cries her lungs out, literally break my heart.

Anyway, adults have 'helped' her develop a habit that, she must be carried until asleep whenever she is crying. To fall asleep, that depends heavily on her mood. It could take from few 10th minutes to few hours! So, to ease the problem away, mom comes to a final resort - the rocking cradle.

I... am... cradle-ing...

According to mom, a cradle is a solution to a baby's 'wanting to be hugged/carried, but don't want to be physically carried by a human' feeling. In chinese, it sounds rather confusing too: '不要给人抱,但是又要被抱的感觉'. I can understand her feeling too, because I know sometimes the way she is carried doesn't make her feel comfortable, that's why she gets frustrated.

Om nom nom nom my yummeh fingers!!

However, this cradle idea is a conflict between both sides, since da jie's MIL doesn't want cradle. It can be problematic IF B gets 'addicted' to cradle, she cannot live without it.

Besides that, for the few nights she's staying at our place (with me in the same room), she woke up at 2.30am and 4.30am almost every night. Ahhh babies!

All the other times, she is just as cute as pumpkin, especially the times when she's in a good mood of playing! :)

Ahhh you... 3yi miss you already!!


tino said…
haha...hile qiu wu nakal...xiao fei fei...

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