Blood Donation vs Low BP

When it comes for blood donation, my biggest obstacle would be my all-time-record low blood pressure. It used to be low hematocrit years back, it must be the increase volume of fat and stuff inside me that overcome the problem once and for all.

Today, I was 'rejected' once again by the nurse because of my low BP. I was 'pumped' for about 5-6 times by the nurse, both arms, asked to have nescafe and snacks (although I ate milo and tosai before going to the hospital), and in the end the blood pressure was still too low, ineligible for donation. There's a blood donation campaign this Sunday which they advised me to have a little exercise before going to increase the BP. I must had a very sad face, because the nurses from the donation room and counter comforted and consoled me when I was leaving the blood bank, non-stop saying "Kesiannya dia..." LOL.

Low blood pressure has been 'haunted' on me for so long. Exceeding 100+ in the systolic (upper/first number) reading is like 2-3 out of 10 readings, and it's pretty normal that the reading is 90+/50+.

Anyway, my daily life is not affected at all by the 'problem', in fact I'm way more active than most of my friends. Doctors' opinion is all the same, that my body is used to low BP, and it's normal for me. Sometimes it irritates me when some smarta$$ direct selling representative tried to talk smart saying things like 'Oh your low BP must be your irregular diet and exercise, let me see hmmmmm this blah blah is good for your blah blah blah' -____-

Just hope it won't be a useless trip again this Sunday...


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