Zumba Party 23 Sept 2012

Last Sunday, I joined this Zumba Party held in Seberang Jaya, Penang, along with Theresa, L.Jynn and Ai Ling. The venue is at Safira Country Club*. It started at 9am and finished at 1pm. YUP it is 4 hours of dancing and moving ecstatically!

*Funny and speechless thing is that, I always thought the venue is at an SMK, because I saw the word 'MK' at the address and never bother to read the whole thing LOL)

I had a flu few days before, those itchy throats (luckily no severe cough) and running nose thingy. The sickness seemed to get worse on Saturday morning, with all the yellowish and thick nasal mucus, and both my left and right nose holes stuck, so I bought some meds at the Chinese pharmacy store.

We departed from Perlis at 5pm, had a late dinner at Gurney's Chicago Rib House (good gracious nice food!!!! Multiple thumbs up!!) and overnight at Theresa's mom's apartment. Nice view!

As the registration started at 8, we head out from Island as early as 6.45!! Met up with Ai Ling outside Sunway Carnival Mall, had breakfast at Chai Leng Park and went to the venue to register and getting prepared.

Since my meds were two-days portion, I was literally a drugged-up druggie haha! My concern was the fully air-cond hall that I worried I might get cold after exercise, so I shielded myself as warm as I can get to keep myself 'not cold'.

The party was fun, and the instructors were all so powerful and energetic! It feels so much more fun when you are dancing alongside a whole bunch of people who enjoy the dance as much as we do. There's a part when the instructors played pop songs which not really suited the 'Zumba Party' theme, and I must say, although they choreographed 'Oppa Gangnam Style' a fun way, I still dislike the song very much -_-

After 4 hours of 'intensive exercise', we went back to Island to clean up, went to Queensbay for lunch and shopping, and head back to Perlis.

Today, the consequence comes. My back, shoulder and most upper body are in pain!! Anyway...
 "Look at that body...
I-I-I work out
I'm sexy and I know it"



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