I thought my short trip back to KB would be a dull everything-is-according-to-plan one, but OH BOY am I wrong!!

Hot sunny Saturday, me and mom went back to kampung to visit grandma, a usual trip.

Mom has been telling me about we are entering the durian and mangosteen season, and she asked me to invite Hon for a durian feast (which he is very looking forward too!). On the way entering the house, mom pointed the durian trees at the orchard by the house, "See?? There's durian on the tree already!"

FYI, grandma has orchard by her house, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, you name it, she doesn't have it all. 

After we settled down, had meal, the cousin, Juni who is taking care of grandma now, went home for awhile; mom took a nap; and I toured the orchard to snap pictures.

Do you see what I see???
See all those spheres dangling at the branch??
See???? Soon baby soon!!
I was excited! Snapping pictures and Whatsapp-ed whoever I want to tempt muahaha!

As I was walking towards the outside, Juni came back, we exchanged Hi, she went to the house and I continued my snapping work.

At this moment... ... ...

I heard some cracking sounds resembling the sound of firecrackers coming from the other side of the orchard which is next to the main road. I was curious, took a look; looked back, snapped picture; took a look again.



The picture was actually taken afterwards, about 10 minutes later.

It turned out that, the firecracker sound was actually the sound of the snapping tree! It was a rather huge Durian tree, and it was by the road, so as it fell to the outside, it blocked the main road, plus it landed right on the electricity cable, snapped few of them, causing blackout , affecting few houses.

Everyone was baffled as why did the tree snap when there's no heavy rain or wind.

PLUS, the tree snapped FIVE FREAKING MINUTES after Juni passed through!!!!!
If she was five minutes late, she would be the one under the tree OMG!!!!

When the tree fell right in front of my eyes, I was startled!
Stoned for few seconds, I hurriedly took the phone up to take pictures (Young people nowadays sigh...), then hurriedly ran back to the house to call for help.

As the house was blackout, mom woke up from heat. She saw me excitedly running back to report the news, she went out to check things out. Juni called her mom and uncle for help. While me the useless one stood around taking pictures, excitedly called Hon to tell him the news, and updating the news on our sisters' Whatsapp group.

The more horrifying part is, the tree is infested of fire ants!!! The big red fire ants ARGH!!!
The fallen tree has spilling the ants all over the place!!

About half an hour later, the TNB guys came by to check the situation. They did the electric cable repair only, we had to deal with the broken trunk ourselves.

Minutes later, two villagers came by with electric saw and hatchet to assist us voluntarily. How grateful!!
*One of the guys was wearing the 'blue scale team' shirt

While the guys dealt with the big trunk, mom helped out by chopping down the smaller branches, squatting in the middle of the fire ants infested disaster area!!

As time went by, few more villagers came to join the 'party'. Their house was affected by the blackout, so they rode around for air and checking out what's going on.

Not only watch, some of them joined in the chopping feast too! I love the helpfulness of the villagers!!

It took half an hour to chop the whole trunk down into small pieces.

road clear!
The snapped tree
So many durians.... Wasted!!
The most grateful thing is, thank goodness no one was injured in this case!

Not a bad experience too :)

*****      ********      ******

We have a new batch of puppies in the house!

This time, we had six, two males and four females, and the funny feature persists: the puppies from this bitch always come with different tail length, some short, some long, very cute!!

Sometimes I feel sorry for her as she is a small sized adult dogs but her puppies are very ganas!! LOL...

*The end*


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