The Abduction of CoCo Lim

^She's back.
FYI, she is not sick. She likes to sleep by the drain and act sympathy.

She was missing few days ago, and this is the news.

If there's a phrase to talk about her in our family, that would be '来去自如' come and go freely.

We never chain her, never lock her in, she can come and go whenever she likes, even with closed gate, as she always slip through the tiny hole at the lower side of the gate.

Besides her own house (our house la), she likes to spend her luxurious time at our neighbor's house, where they also welcome her with open arms.

The thing is, she spends too much time there, and the neighbor adores her too.

Here comes the problem. After dad and I came back from KL last Monday, we didn't see any sign or shadow of CoCo to come and greet her (which she usually did).

OK, fine. Mecok liao...

Then day two, day three.... She wasn't at anywhere. Dad and I freaked out. Mum was calm because she positively sure CoCo was somewhere around the neighborhood derak (means partying outside), 乐不思蜀,流连忘返; and mum even think of replacing her with a new puppy so she wasn't care whether CoCo would be back or not. What a cruel lady :(

Frustrated with our nagging and whining, she went to talk to the neighbor whom we suspect they kidnap her. (You see, we can whine like there's no tomorrow but neither dad nor I dare to confront them face-to-face. Chickens -___- )

Anyway, the news ruffled us. Eventually, the neighbor (we called him 校长 aka principal. Need explanation?) took her home 'with our permission'!! WHAT THE!!!!

We asked her back immediately, and here she is, in her home sweet home again.

^This is what happen when mum sleeps and dad's at home.

Well, the neighbor never explain to us about CoCo's 'abduction', nor who did he actually take permission from to take her home. Anyway, I'm glad she's back! :)

And this is my point of view:

I assume the neighbor thought we neglected the dog as she goes to their place most of the time, so instead of letting her squeezing in and out of the tiny holes of both houses' gates, why don't he just bring her back to his comfort home and let her live like a queen?

An zua pun hor lah, coco dui lai liao! ^^


Random pictah time:

1. I always love the sunset view from my previous hostel...

2. Can you see what I see?

Seconds after taking this picture, it ran away like a thunder!

3. So sick of form fillings and stuff!

...but it marks the end of the old path and the beginning of a brand new path.

4. Mum bought me this! :)

The shoe was on 50% sales, so it means buy 2 for one price! Good bargain! And super comfy!


tino said…
mum even think of replacing her with a new puppy so she wasn't care whether CoCo would be back or not.
--- APA?!!! =.='''
*~Huey Nee~* said…
jin jin a.... -_____- sampai hati
tino said…
ish ish ish...

patu coco tongkim ko wu ki guan yin ma hipeng??
*~Huey Nee~* said…
han han loh... derak dua chu kak jer, pasa boleh masuk dalam rumah. Daddy wu dua chu, coco kak debe tampok

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