Batu Berangkai & Salu Waterfall, Kampar

Christmas day celebration by waterfall, such a wonderful idea. :) Although I don't celebrate Christmas...

It was a trip deal between me and brother Chin, the uncle who has been luring me in joining the Waterfall Survivor Committee for some times, and I 'successfully' luring my sisters and a friend to join me along.

The location was at Kampar, and visited two waterfalls.

9 cars convoyed from Sg. Buloh overhead restaurant and headed towards Tapah toll exit.

Out first stop was Batu Berangkai Waterfall, located not too far from the toll exit, and the trekking part was slightly easy, except the narrow road part.

^Batu Berangkai waterfall stolen from Chin's FB album

There's no trekking needed to arrive at this waterfall. The water is crystal clear, the air is fresh, it's just nice, except for the weather that fluctuates quite frequently, so we were advised to not swim.

^The spirit of taking nice pictures could never be ignored lah~ LoL stolen from Chin's FB album

^Group photo stolen from Waterfall Survivor's FB album

Then, we headed to the heart of Kampar (should be lah) for lunch. It was at the roadside stalls, where it offers a variety of local food to ease our hungry tummy.

^Erjie ordered this wantan kon-lo mee, RM2.70. Cheap and yummy :)

^The overpriced and not-so-nice 金宝鱼圆粉 Kampar Fish Ball Noodles.

Not only the price was quite high for a set of not-so-nice fishballs and stuff, the uncle sent over a wrong food and we needed to pay an extra RM7 for that. Not a pleasant experience...

After filling up our tummy, off we went to our next destination - Salu.

I thought the journey up to Gunung Jerai was the toughest hike my car ever did, but this route definitely win over that one, maybe three to four times tougher than that.

The road was narrow enough to fir only one car, tiny corner for the opposite car to give way, bumpy and rough roads etc. We even had the feeling of going through the kampung roads of my grandmother's house, our grand-uncle's place etc.

Finally, about an hour of rough journey, we arrived. Since the day got gloomy again, Joe suggested us to dip for 15 minutes and we must get out to prevent anything bad happen.

^Hydro therapy cannot be missed!

^lim erjie joined along!

^Well, some unexplainable thing... We were trying to do rebonding of our fringe! :p

Later then, something unpleasant happened. The natives around the place wanted us to pay RM2 per person in order to play in the water. That's not the problem, but their attitude and manner of speaking were a BIG problem. Instead of talking, they shouted and yelled.

Things got sorted out by Joe and Chin's mother, but still, it eventually spoiled our mood.

After all the highs and lows, our last destination was, of course, makan time again.

^Big head prawn! 大头虾

We started our journey back to KL at about 6pm.

Me, not being alert enough, had my very first experience of dead car engine because the fuel was completely empty! How can this happen on me! Luckily we were at The Curve at that moment as lim erjie wanted to buy some stuff there. Still, the nagging part not excluded.

More photos, please view FB albums of Chin bro and Waterfall Survivor Committee.


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