You Only Live Once

News about the young guy jumping off a building for love were all over the place, just google for it and thousands of links to blogs, FB links, tweets etc will pop up.

I only knew it yesterday by accident, and one thing I found quite ridiculous was his fans/friends create a Facebook funeral page for him. He was given a title of 'Malaysia's Romeo' too. Goodness...

It's still the front page news on Chinese newspapers, China Press's headline caught my eyes: His father said:"Please don't follow my son's footsteps!" which is rational and very true.

His story has some similarity of 藤井树's 六弄咖啡馆, where the main character in the novel killed himself too after breaking up with his high school girlfriend and his mom's death. In the novel, the author describe his pain was not easy for him to bear, that death is the only solution. Sigh~

Death is really not the solution to anything, but to live a better life and be a better person.


tino said…
kanasai punya manusia!

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