The Interview Sucks

Yesterday's interview was a tragic/dramatic one, because:

1. I used 30 minutes to go to Putrajaya from PJ, and lost in Putrajaya for 45 minutes. -___- Why on earth they don't want to use the almighty U-turns on the road system!?

2. The panels are 'obviously' not from engineering background.

3. Taking your First Degree and further your Master or PhD in the same university (note: applicable for the 'not-so-famous' public universities only) is not a wise choice (or so I interpreted from what the panel was trying to say). Or, in other words: You are either stupid enough to not choosing those prestige Uni; or your Uni sucks.

4. I'm a Chinese, I shouldn't have dark complexion, and my kelate sucks. (Yes, they DID say that. I wonder if it's because they're just too bored of all those presentation or ... 人身攻击?)

5. I failed to explain the novelty of my project in one nice sentence.

6. I can't answer who is the Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) and Higher Education. BIG MISTAKE. (They are Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili and Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin respectively btw)

The panels shook their head and sighed right in front of me. Overall, I am so bloody doomed.

After the interview, I couldn't straighten up my mind, and I kept thinking the negative side again. The officials told us to visit MOSTI website on regular basis to know about the results, but they will only send emails to those who successfully receive the scholarship and no 'dukacita' emails will be sent. The last sentence was just great:"There are too many candidates and too little budget."

Depressed, I went to 1U for some shopping and jalan-jalan. Ended up with...

^Jeng jeng~

The honey were bought at PICC, it's as nice as the one I had in XinJiang! :) Another healthy diet added into the list.

^The carol and guitar band at 1U

Still depressed, I came home and cried for quarter of hour, and searched for some good-for-laugh youtubes to cheer myself up.

This is a part of Taiwan's entertainment show, where that dude imitates a North Korean newscaster. He's awesome!


Jasmine * said…
Never mind, you did your best. 有就有,没有就算了。Retail therapy and food did help huh! :D You are always my happy go lucky sister!

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