Tabur West Hike

**Pictures courtesy of LKK, YSL, LHY, LHC and LFS

Last Sunday, I joined part of Lim Erjie's Super Rookies gang's hiking trip to Bukit Tabur West, Taman Melawati, KL.

The hike started at around 6am because we wanted to chase the sun rise at the 'sun rise platform' or something like that.

Clever me, although the itinerary stated that headlamp is a MUST, still, I thought everyone brought it except me would be enough.

! BIG mistake !

I had to depend on the light of the person behind me to watch my way, and followed the footsteps of the person in front of me in case I mis-stepped to the wrong place. Summore those people who lead the way was the super 'geng' type, so they ascended faster than a speed bullet. -_____- Challenging...

Finally, ...

^We arrived!!

...but no any sign of sun coming out, haze and cloudy sky. No luck for us that morning as the clouds totally blocked the sun, the only thing could be seen was the rays 'struggling' their way out of the clouds to let us know "Hey, the sun is getting up now! Too bad you can't see it. Screw the clouds!"

^Still manage to catch some WOWness overload views when the clouds come and go...

I must say, this is one particular view that won't make you regret for panting your lungs out and heavy sweating while going up the hill. I always love sun rise from high up :)

We spent almost an hour on that 'sun rise platform' to take gazillion pictures, chatting, getting to know each other, eating, sharing foods etc...

^Sempat lui for Christmas gift exchanges n_n

^Group photos

In case you notice, yes lah the organizer LKK suggested that since it's post Christmas, the color theme should be red and, better, a santa hat! So there you go~~ some would have suspect Tabur West was bleeding! Haha!!

It's lim erjie's xiao yak (ducky)'s birthday too, so she brought her up hill to celebrate her birthday. Too bad the cupcakes she brought along were totally misshaped and no birthday song for that fellow too.

^So pictures as memories for dear little xiao yak loh~

When someone in our group realized that we hang out way too long at the same spot, he ushered us to get going, especially those who already took thousands of pictures on the same spot yet still taking it...

To be frank, this was by far the most adventurous hiking trip for me. Rocky hills, sharp rocks (according to Chadel, it's crystal), going up and down, up and down for donno-how-many-times; and the same sentences repeated over and over again were:
"到了吗?Are we there yet?"
"过了这座山就是了! You'll be there after this hill!"
"还有woh~ There's still more hills"
"...过了那个就没有的了... After this there will be no more"

The same pattern of conversation repeated for at least three times, as there were few hills to climb, and going to the other peak of hills required us to go down the previous hill and climb up the next one. There's another famous phrase which I used to hear a lot during my HuangShan hike: "Don't look up/down"

^Climb up, climb down, climb up, climb down... ...until miscount...

I borrowed a glove from one of the team members, so the right hand with the glove on was the hero. I could just grab, grip, hold, pull and do whatsoever rough thing I wanted to against the rocks, trees, grounds etc with my right hand, because it literally protected my hand from getting cuts and bruises.

Anyway, there's still one thing I didn't learn quite well and caused me some troubles during the rock climbing session the next day : I'm not using the strength of my legs. While ascending, I tended to pull myself up using the strength of my arms instead of pushing myself up with the strength of my legs. It's a bad habit since this increases the pulling stress on my arms and our arms are weaker than out legs. Good lesson learned here~

Finally, we conquered the final peak. It's a beautiful place covered with moss. It gave me the feel of visiting Pandora, the alien country in 'Avatar'. According to the experienced hikers, the moss is gradually decreasing year by year due to increasing number of hikers.

^Us doing the classic posing style...

Then, the descending part. The route going downhill was steep and narrow, and the creepiest part was that we were actually walking right next to the cliff (same goes to ascending part too, one side of you is steep hill, the other side is cliff!!). So one single careless step can send you off the cliff to the unknown place... Anyway, descending is always easier than ascending, that's for sure.

^Erjie and I reaching the 'virtual' finish line hehe

^Group photo of 'mission accomplished' 哪里可以没有...

^Cute puppy and dog at the gated orchard next to the 'exit'
which reminded me of the brat BiBi in my hometown as that puppy wiggled his whole body while shaking the tail! Cuteness overload!!

^Yong Taufu lunch to call it a day

Please view FB albums of LHY, LHC, YSL, LKK and LFS for more pictures (if they don't block lah~ If they do, sorry then...)


Anonymous said…
hahah . . actually it was Janice's idea to wear Santa hat to Tabur. Then i ma add on to ask u guys wear red color shirt . .

and remember to bring all the hiking gears by yourself . . dun depends on others ah >.<

*~Huey Nee~* said…
Ok ok will do next time. 'See ghost still not scare dark meh'.. haha

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