Cheap Food + Home Alone + Crowded Cluster

Besides being a boring place, there's one thing I love about Perlis is the cheap food! Chinese food to be precise, zap fan literally.

^Both are RM3! Do you believe it?

2 veggie + 1 meat! Yum!


Auntie Hong came back home last Saturday for a wedding dinner, then off she went to her mother's house the next day and to Singapore that night.

Before she went off, she gave permission for me to use her motorbike too. Haha! So now I get to use her bike 'legally' and watch her Astro! :)

The other day, I planned to wash the filthy bathtub. It's quite odd about the filthiness of the water because it's different from any other kind of filthiness I've ever seen. (Helped Auntie Hong to clean the bathtub few times when she's not around)

When I took a scope of water, it freaked me.

The red small lines were actually worms!! I don't really know what type of worm it is and don't know where they come from, it doesn't look like a baby dengue, but they moved around and it was just gross!! -___- OMG

Other than that, everything is likely the same as usual.


Hanging out in the research cluster is rather a mixed feeling. It is a total bliss when there's no people around, but once in a while, especially when the fellow superbusy supervisors are around, the cluster will be full house, and the noise pollution increase tenfold.

Being a sensitive people ahem, when the mood and idea comes, it doesn't allow any noise to disturb, or it will fly away, which will make me mad to the max.

Anyway, being my side of the room is much better than the other side, so my place is one of the biggest news aka gossips hub in the cluster. Haha!


After few months of waiting, finally I've been called for the NSF scholarship! =) So happy!!

The interview will be on next Thursday in Putrajaya, and I'll be staying in PJ for almost a week, and the week's plan is filled with few activities liao! :)

According to Rancangan Malaysia ke-11, the budget to MOSTI has reduced, so my supervisor and seniors have been 'warning' us to be more prepared and ready for the interview to fight for the cake. 僧多粥少啊~~

Wish me luck!!
*finger crossed*


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