Christmas Eve Korean Food Fest in Dae Jang Gum

The other day, Chai Ching wanted to try out Korean food, so we arrange a 'chang-toi-giok' dinner at a Korean restaurant in SS2, but it was too early that the restaurant didn't open yet, so we changed our plan to 大长今 Dae Jang Gum in Seksyen 14.

Since we were the first customers at the time (not even 6pm yet! :p Early dinner), and both of us were first-timers in a Korean restaurant, the waiter patiently introduced us the menu and recommended on how to order, what's the famous orders etc.

Flipping and tapping the menus for thousand times, we finally settled with 2 dishes of BBQ meat and a spicy seafood noodle.

^Sliced pork!!! Love the pinkish colour of the meat. Yum!

One nice thing about it was the cooking was done by the waiter and waitress, so we can just hold our chopsticks up and wait to attack the food! :)

Just seconds after we rambled about the overpriced dishes, the waiter and waitress served a full table of side dishes for the BBQ. There's about more-than-ten side dishes for us to eat with the BBQ-ed meat, such as kimchi, marinated veggie, tofu, and whole lot more!

^Our eyes dilated and sparkled when this was served! ^.*

^Marinated sliced beef! Too bad the sound of BBQ was un-show-able.

^Spicy seafood noodle. which they were not kiam siap aka stingy at all in the seafood part!

Among the full table of side dishes, a plate of lettuce puzzled us. Then I remembered watching numerous 'examples' on the korean drama, variety shows etc about how they wrap the meat and veggies with the lettuce leaf and eat it, so I put the experiment on it.

^...and it really nice!! :)

^This marinated beef was so nice, it's as nice as the ones I had in XJ!

Throughout the dinner, the waiter who served us from the beginning kept on checking our table to make sure things going well. The service was multiple thumbs up and I didn't mind paying the 10% service charge.

^Kosong liao!!

The waiter showed micro expression of shocked. I think he didn't expect two girls can finish up the whole table of food! Wasting food is so no-no for us lah~

Anyway, this dinner costs us a waste of a month long diet program. Well, who cares, nothing beats the full tummy and satisfactory of food! =)


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