Second Flood Wave in Perlis

There's one thing which is strongest than all the other things in the universe:

Mother Nature

Despite all the frustration overload moment, My laptop was fixed and ready yesterday. Spent RM230 for it, and it works all good now.

There's a saying in Chinese '清明时节雨纷纷', which means during the festival of Cheng Beng (or in a direct translation - Tomb Sweeping Day/All Souls' Day), rain is usually expected to come because of the weather characteristic during the season.

This time around, the rain has been 'harassing' Perlis for days. The BIG kind of rain. I had to stop jogging for days too due to the bad weather.

For the first phase, the rain rotates with the sun, where they appeared in turn: rain first in the morning then sunny for the rest of the day; or sunny first in the morning then rain in the evening.

For the later phase, the single lonely sun was outnumbered by the dark clouds with heavy rain, and it had been raining and raining day and night for days. We already expecting the worst case scenario - the second wave (which has been debated to come since last November).

Some lowland areas have been surrounding by flooding water since yesterday evening. Still phobia of the previous flood, I shifted all my stuffs on higher place this morning, although my place was quite safe from the emerging flood.

Sigh, make the rain go away please.


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