Tribute to BiBiBoi Lim

Last March, we lost CoCo. Now, BiBi leave us too. Forever. :(

Mom went to KL last weekend, and when the time they got back home, they were told that there's some veterinary officers came to our neighborhood to shoot stray dogs as there were complaints about stray dogs hunting and eating the chicken.

Innocently, BiBi was shot; while the main culprit got away as the bastxrd knew how to survive and where to hide. My parents didn't find the body though, must be carried away by the officers. Few of the strays were gone too.


BiBi came to our house last August. Mom was a little hesitated in the beginning since he was a little over the tiny puppy phase anymore when he was brought to the house. Like little infant who can recognise the parents, he already recognised the one who feed him. It took some time for us to get fond with him, luckily it didn't took too long.

He was a mischievous little brat, although he grows to be slightly mature little fella when he's older, he picks nasty behaviors from his fellow strays.

^Within few months, he already outgrown his sister,CoCo.

Since his older sister didn't give a crap to the younger brother, he befriended few strays who wandered around the streets. Among few, there's one dog with shortened tail was the worst one of all. With this stray, BiBi went around biting stuffs he should and should not, chase people and stuff. It gave a big headache for everyone.

^The duo waiting for shelter...

One of his worst behaviors was he likes to chase our motorbike and car, especially when dad's the driver. He would chase dad, even until dad was at the main road. Dad was freaked out by this, but he couldn't do anything but to lock him inside.

Till, there's one time when, again, BiBi chased dad to the street in the night, he must be startled by the night view of the street, he decided to 'SIT' on the busy street and that's when he was ran over by a car. That accident didn't kill him though, instead gave him a funny looking crippled toe. Ever since that incident, he wasn't dare to go further to the next block, although he couldn't get rid of that behavior. Sometimes he did look like Hachiko when he looked us took off.

^His shelter: under grannie's bed

Although he wasn't the best dog to have, he developed some lovely attitude too along the way. He was the gentle one who didn't like to play rough, didn't give a damn to anything when he felt safe and sleepy, and he was a little stupid during some times that made me call him 'Bodoh BiBi'.

^'"What? Plastic chair on me? Nah I was too sleepy I just don't give a damn!"

Because of his lembut style, he had a rival around the neighborhood that he resented a lot. Mom said there's one time when he was bullied by both strays and gave him a bite on the ear! Hate them!

^Cat and dog sharing warmth with each other...

He'll be missed. :(


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