Tribute to CoCo Lim

CoCo Lim passed away last Sunday.

She was suspected to be knocked down by car nearby our house. The road was dark, the road lamp didn't work, and she, as usual, slept in the middle of the road. With dark road, at night, and she herself has dark fur, the driver must have thought he/she hit a wood or pipe or something.

Mom said she didn't see any blood oozing out from Coco's body or seriously injured wound, but she seemed weak and unable to get up by herself. Mom picked her up into the house for a 'power' session, and once outside, she took few deep breathes of her life, her tongue dropped out, and she was dead. Mom said it's good for her that she doesn't suffer long.

Reminiscing, he has been with the family for years, should be 5-6 years already. She was a pampered little miss before she came to our house, and she was a queen of the family ever since too.

As she wasn't young anymore when she came to our family, so she was easy to be taken care of. She's slow in everything, from eating her meal, walking around, but she would run like a speeding bullet when she sense danger approaching, like bathing time or treatment time, especially when I suddenly approached her with a cunning look and mom standing not far away.

She always give me her blank stare when I was doing something unexplainable weird things...

^like this...

She's so adorable, she literally belongs to the street instead of just our family's pet dog. Our neighbours adored her for she was a gentle dog to hang around with, especially children. Or, should I say, arrogant. She never create any problems for us as she hardly bark to strangers (except those with bad intention), she didn't have any bad habit (biting things, dragging rubbish etc).

She loved car ride. It's as easy as opening the car door, and she'd hopped up the car in no time and she'd follow you wherever you go, which led to the incident of her abduction.

She seems to hang out pretty well with other dogs (strays, pet etc) around our neighbourhood too. Dad said sometimes, in the middle of late night, she would troop down to the main road with other dogs, some sort like patrolling and stuff.

During festival times, when firecrackers were blasted all over the place like a warzone, she would seek shelter and beg for mercy to go into the house (the house was a forbidden palace when mom's around), especially when dad and I were around. When the volume of firecrackers explosion increased, she would jump up onto our body for protection.

Dad said, there's few nights when she was in the house and all of us were at upstairs sleeping, dad spotted her laying right in front of my bedroom door. Of course, as much as my dad's love for her, upstairs was always a big no-no for her access.


I felt bad for myself as I was not in the sad mood when I received dad's sms about her death because I was watching a funny variety show. So much so that I think she kinda 'deserve' it as she always sleep on the middle of the road regardless of the traffic.

Even last week when I went back home on the weekends, I spent more time playing with BiBiBoi than she, while she suffered a skin disease that her fur shed so much, half of her body was almost naked.

Last night, when mom told me the details of the accident, I suddenly realised that I'll never gonna see her again, my heart broken. She 's gone, forever.

^Miss you dear. Love you.


tino said…
Rest In Peace

Always in memories

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