The Chronicles of M&M

After years and years and YEARS of thinking and wanting and wondering and imagining, I finally made up my mind to finally own one pair of guinea pigs and getting prepared for it.

Yup, it's been a desire since 2004!! 7 years... Funny thing is, some people asked why didn't I ask from the (ex) loved one; that fella didn't even remember he knew guinea pigs because of me! =.=

It took me around 2-3 days to make and modify the cage. The moment the cage is ready, I get nervous and eagerly wanting them!

^Cage layout

The square part is their dining area, where the water bottle, hay rack and food bowls are placed.

Took them from a breeder from Penang. It was a long drive down, and the painful part was the traffic jam at Seberang Jaya because of broken tree trunk!

^Manny the elder brother

^Mozzie the little brother

I thought of their name - M&M months ago LOL. Both of them are of the abby breed, so they have rather messy hair. It's like the pusar thing on our head, but they have a lot more.

Their first night was quite a bliss, except we scared the crap out of them and they hide in their hiding tunnel the whole night. Fortunately, the hungry bug finally came out to grab a bite of the carrot!

^Look who's out~

It is a challenge too. It's totally different from imagining it and actually owning it. I have to deal with their behavior, their pee and poo, their meal etc. It scared me as both of them never take a sip of water for the first two days.

^12 hours worth of poo =.=

As a first timer, it is a whole new experience for everything, and I get frustrated most of the time too. Apart from them being so scared of me, the bedding and cleaning after them are the most pain in the ass. Since both of them start to drink a lot, they pee a lot too. The sad thing is they seem to be clueless of the concept of toilet in the cage, they just pee whenever they like.

^Fighting for a piece of carrot stick (there's still more though)

^Cute lil Mozzie munching the lettuce

I must admit, I am a little bias towards Mozzie as he is the cuter one. His facial marking and color are nicer than his older brother, plus he is the bolder one too in the beginning.

^Do you see what I mean?

^See? SEE?? How cute is that!

Anyway, ever since I grabbed them for a bath, they seemed to be traumatised, and return to the timid type again.

^Scared the hell out of them...

^Avoiding me at all cause... :(

After one week, this boys show some dominant behavior against each other, as there are more purring sound and attacking between them. It is quite amusing to see all this behaviors of them.

^After a fight, the big brother successfully gain his place at the bigger shade while the little brother has to take the smaller shade...

Up til now, the experience is great one! Hope they will not die young pleaseee...

P/S: although they look super cute in this cloth tunnel, they hide in it too much, so I remove them to reduce the timidness.


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