First (trial) ZUMBA Party in Perlis 2013

Finally, the first ever ZUMBA Party had been set up by our dearie first instructor in Perlis, Theresa Tessy ^^

The venue was at Dewan Kastam in the Customs Department housing estate, 5 instructors from SP and Penang were invited and 30 ZUMBA enthusiasts attended the event. It was happening and FUN!!

Warming up was performed by Zaina, I LOVE her outfit by the way, the jersey type, so cool!! (It is still an enigma why we would get addicted buying ZUMBA clothes, and it's not cheap!) The warm up was awesome~

Then it was whole load of ZUMBAs!! Both long and short hair Rina, Alice, Lisher, Zaina and Theresa took turn taking over the stage. I, assigned as a temporary photographer, danced my way with 2kg of DSLR on my hand! The duration of the event was 1 hour and a half, and when Theresa announced it would be the last song and it's time for cooling down, many of us complained that it was not enough!! :p

Looking forward to the bigger scale ZUMBA party on March!!! Go go go~!! =D

Friends are saying I look 'thin'. I don't think I am since my weight is still the same (54~56kg), but I am definitely 'curved up'!!

Click this link for more picture :)

Oh yeah, FYI, I think I was too excited during ZUMBA-ing, I sprained my leg muscle, knee area. It makes squatting down a tough task... Went to foot massage afterwards (for the foot, not the muscle ache part), and the uncle did a complimentary shoulder-back-head massage, and he said my scalp somehow has small dots on it, and that I should not over-exercise. Okay~~~ try my best :p


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