Terrible Moviegoing Experience

I feel so much like a grumpy old lady because I have so much things to grumble and rant about!

Been to the cinema few weeks ago for 'Life of Pi' and 'The Hobbit' (same day, movie marathon, crazy yeah I know), and Jackie Chan's 'CZ12'. I was literally rolling my eyes throughout all the movies mentioned, NOT because of the movie itself, but the bad behavior of the moviegoers.

Have to divide it into individual movie because the eye-rolling part was different...

Life of Pi: The movie marathon started with this one at 2.30pm. I was tired that day as I slept late the night before, rushed to a lecturer's wedding which I didn't manage to attend in the end as it was late, and 1 hour drive to Alor Star Mall is never a pleasant journey, not even one in a thousand.
The hall was full house, we (or shall I say, the particular friend who prefer to sit particularly at the aisle seat at the middle lane) had to sit at the 'wall' seat. Next to us, the most 'wall-est', were husband and wife in their 40's.
Everything started OK, until 15 minutes into the movie when the wife started to commentate every single detail to the husband. Read me. Every.Single.Freaking.Detail.
"LOL Piss-ing!", "Oh look at the animals in their zoo!", "LOL Richard Parker!", "OMG look the tiger is going to bite the goat! Aiyoh aiyoh AIYOH!", "Ahhh the ship is going to sink!", "Ahhh the tiger is in the boat!", "Wow it's beautiful! Look look! (at the night view on the ocean)"... ... ...
...and the list went on. This was like 5% of what she said that I remembered as it was 2-3 weeks ago. All the commentaries with 'Look' was when the husband was not paying attention to the movie, And entering the last 20 minutes of the movie (when Pi was rescued, pardon me if the time stamp is incorrect), the husband fall asleep and snored! And the wifey was "Hey wake up! Don't sleep! Look look!" -______________-
After the movie ended and we got out of the hall, my friend recognized the wife and told me she is the head master of a renowned SRJK(C) primary school here in Kangar!
校长!? Mah ane!! -____-

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: When the hall was filling up with parents and their children (This movie is supposed to be P13 rated, doesn't it??), I knew it's not gonna begin well, and definitely not gonna end well. By that time, I was tired and sleepy with mild headache, the last thing I wanted was a bunch of chatty children making noises in cinema hall, but that wish was not granted.
Throughout the 2 hour and 49 minutes of the movie, children talking to each other, children talking to parents, parents talking to children, parent talking to parent, children stomping their way to toilet, children stomping their way back to their seat, children stood up and sat down, parent stood up and dragged their children to sit down... ... ... the annoyance was utmost agonising!!
I was in so much mental pain, in the last scene when Azog and his gang came ambush and attack the Dwarves, I was like "Thorin, see!? You should have killed that freaking Azog in the first place already back when you chopped off his arm!! Now they are back! They are back AGAIN and AGAIN!!!" ... and finally the movie ended.

Chinese Zodiac 12: I am not a big fan of Jackie Chan, and this movie was to pass my time while waiting for my facial session.
I have to say, noisy children in the cinema is one thing, the ignorant parents is another. There was this Chinese family, whom the mother was outside the hall to toilet or something, and the two kids were running to-fro their seat screaming for their mom, and the dad was just stroking his phone/tabs/whatever while calling them to settle down and be quiet. When the mom came back, she literally 'shouted' them to sit down, while the father was still on his gadget.
Then, there was this other guy, sitting few rows above me, was on his phone few times throughout the movie. Instead of taking it outside or talking quietly or even would have said "I call you back", meh, he talked on the phone rather loudly and it's like 5 minutes call duration, I had to look back with the deadly stare while others around him shhh-ed him.

SIGH, human, you do not have common sense anymore, do you??


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