Nobel Laureate VS Miss Listen aka Listen姐

Yep I admit this post is to help increase my blog's pageviews with the keywords and whatnot...

On the first week of 2013, I got an unexpected WhatsApp from my undergrad buddy, Juju. The first message sounded surprise. "I heard a big news", she said. "What big news?", I asked. "Unimap invite Nobel Laureate to give talk."

I was like, "Who is Nobel Laureate??", as I never have that word registered in my vocabulary database, totally illiterate.

"Unimap invite Nobel prize winner bagi talk la," she shouted virtually, and continued "Anthony Leggett his name." ...and our conversation continued about her (and her groupmates') 'jealousy' because it's quite a big thing to be able to invite a Nobel Laureate over for talks and visits by an un-prestige university, and she reminded me not to miss it because it's a rare chance. I, for one, was totally clueless as I didn't hear any news from anyone. Email was sent out alright, but to the student email that I only sign in once a thousand year.

The talk was held last Monday at Dewan Kapitol. The full name of this noble Nobel Laureate is Prof. Sir Anthony James Leggett. My supervisor would be there as well as the Raja Muda, so I give face to them, and to Juju too since someone from UM expressly urged me to go. CK and the gang were a little reluctant as, quoted from CK, "It's not like he can immediately give me an idea how to pursue or finish my research," sad but true =/

The title of the talk was, "Why can't time run backwards". It sounds interesting, but, unfortunately, his talk was based on his specialty, quantum physics and stuff, so I was literally mind blown and jaw dropped while he explained in his complex way why can't time run backwards, quantum-physic-ly. He mentioned one point about time can only run forward - biological, which indicates human will grow larger and bigger but not the other way around. I turned to CK and said, "Maybe I should ask him about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? LOL" The talk ended with a series of Q&As and my mind a little blocked still.

...and, no Juju you were wrong. Not only I can't manage to borrow any Nobel light from him, my progress is still in that miserable state :p

ANYWAY, back on Tuesday, I expected some, not big lah, but at least a news or two about the Nobel Laureate's visit? No... All the links in the first page I googled are directed back to UniMAP's website. Pathetic! Yet, something else was going on on FaceBook...

The Curious Case of Listen Listen Listen

My FB Home wall was flooded with friends sharing the video clips with title 'Listen Listen Listen x10000'. Since the internet connection was hyper suck that day, I could only load and watch the 8 minutes Mandarin subtitle version, that version stop right before the animals' part and I was already freaking annoyed.

...right until CK shared this youtube link.

Watched it with Nadiatun in our room, and I laughed like there's no tomorrow, especially the burung part!!! Initially I thought Matluthfi, the youtuber, tried to make the issue a funnier and exaggerated version, until I watched the longer version of the 'Listen' video clip. How could she, the 'almighty' Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, actually give such examples of animals in an open forum/talk?! Not only it's meaningless, it was so inappropriate, especially the sound of the bird!! LOL... Such a big joke...

Last but not least, do you know what is the sad part between these?

Nobel Laureate's visit to Malaysia is literally NOTHING compare to the 1M joke and stuff. Sigh...


Wow...a Nobel prize winner gave talk at Unimap and you got to attend it? surely i can understand that it might be a challenge for most of us to get what he's gonna say but still, the honor of meeting a nobel prize winner? and yeah, surprisingly, this didnt appear on facebook and twitter timeline.more hypes given to listenlistenlisten...

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