Not A Stereotype

The other night, lied down on 12++, but I couldn't sleep despite the tiredness and muscle exhaustion from yoga. Tossed and turned for another one hour, I gave up and got up from bed, looked around the room for something to do.

Not books - it would usually turn me on and I couldn't choose which book to start.

So, I sorted to Jasmine's long-due cross stitch, but then I decided to do something I haven't done for some time...

This bro!
This fellow is 曹操 Cao Cao, one of the famous figures in Three Kingdoms. I have owned this BanDai miniature figure for some time, but I couldn't find time to do it.

I could only manage to assemble the first half (inner body) as I got sleepy and it only took me 30 minutes to make me sleepy! Bravo! :p

Then, the next night, I continued to finish up the figure. That included its helmet, shield, boot, cuff, cape and sword.
Friends (who are not really familiar with me) are surprised that I have such hobby. Well...
1) BB Gundam figures are so cute, right??
2) I'm not really cautious in assembling the figures anyway. You can see all those 'connectors defects' everywhere on the figure;
3) So far, I think 关羽 Guan Yu is nicer... (below)

4) Well, I guess I am not a stereotype. (But you still love me for who I am, don't you??)

FYI, I have few more boxes back at hometown that need to be assembled...



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