Cycling Round 1 at Perlis

Today, we did something crazier: went for a 20km++ cycle ride.

Ok, it might not sound like a very loooong distance ride, but it's my first road tour and it was a hot morning!

Cikgu brought 2 of his possessions: both above RM1K.

(I did notice Prof Ali and Dr. Cheng at the jogging track, but I didn't dare to approach them and say hi because I'm so shy. ... ... Wahahaha sounds kinda funny when I said that!!)

We started off with a roti canai breakfast at his student's stall, and off we went to Bukit Ayer, which is about 10km from town.

We followed the 'inner road' path from the jogging track, smaller and less-vehicle road, where it is joined with the Taman Ular-Putra Golf Club-Taman Burung road which connects with the other main road leading to Bukit Ayer.

It's not really a hilly road, but there's definitely some climbing. I felt sorry for Cikgu since he had to use the 'ruined' bike as I was not used to the bumpy tire of it.

Cikgu wanted to show me another hiking spot, so we turned into an even smaller road which led us to Taman Primat, about 500 m from Bukit Ayer waterfall.

We first passed a 'gated' park with beautiful cages for the monkeys and monkeys only...

^Sign board is big and clear

Then, about 200 m from the park, we came into a T-junction, where the road shrinking and ascending, but it's tar road all the way.

Then, about 500 m from there (don't trust me, my instinct in distance sucks), the ascend inclined dramatically...

^Like this...

The road literally reminds me of the never-ending-boringness-overload road of Nuang. It's still tar road for the sake of Perlis' ex-MB, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, since his orchard is inside the track.

After about 50 m of walking uphill, we decided to turn back since it's super hot and too late for a hike. I bet the hike would be fun since the hill looks very high up to the sky!!

^The other side of this mountain is Thailand.

Hypothetically, the other side of almost every mountain in Perlis is Thailand, as what I have heard from others, regardless whether the mountain is at Kuala Perlis, Kangar, or whatsoever place it is.

Unfortunately, the bumpy tire of the bike I mentioned earlier WAS because of flat tire (as I expected), so Cikgu went to his friend's house which is around the corner to borrow a pump while I waited at the primitive park.

^This kid kept staring at me like I am some sort of Alien or something. The stare was creepy...

After that, everything's fixed. We went to the waterfall not far away from the park for some refreshment and resting, then we headed back to the jogging track to end our 'training'.

Outcome: my hair still smells nice; sunburn on my arms and legs; my legs are fine, including knees; my shoulder ache because I pushed against the handle too hard.

P/S: I know I should be grateful, but I still want to complaint. Whenever Cikgu meet a friend or someone he knows of, he would introduce me as 'a new iron lady' which I resent very much. Yes, I did tell him I dislike it, but still, he wouldn't stop. Sigh~


I had this 'should I really consider changing new hair style?' question circling my mind ever since the statement from the hair stylist yesterday, especially after I saw this awesome hair of...

Kate Beckett in Castle!

OK I don't like some of her hair style, but the one from episode 2.11 onwards looks really nice! I even snapped some photos from laptop so I can show it to the hair stylist the next time I make my mind to make some changes. :)


Anonymous said…
Do u plan to change ur haircolor?? hehehe..make sure u hv full details on that in one entry and link it to me,just incase I didn't notice d entry!! awww..can't wait! kkkk
*~Huey Nee~* said…
hair color - most probably won't... My hair is too fragile for bear heavy chemical pollution now :p

wait until d treatment effect gone 1st, maybe a month or two, kalau tak bazir je duit

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