Cycling Round 2 at Perlis

Today's challenge: Putra Palace - Jejawi - Arau - Correctional Centre (Jail) - Kok Klang - Felda Chuping main road - Batu Bertangkup - Tasik Melati - Sungai Batu Pahat Golf Club - Putra Palace

The weather was windy and 'small' rainy on the morning.

Started off at 8am, Cikgu and I began our journey with breakfast at Restoran Buluh something in Jejawi. The traffic was OK.

From Arau, we passed by the newly built correctional centre, going towards Chuping using the Kok Klang route. As we entering the outskirt area, the road was narrower, less traffic with nicer view and fresh air.

The stretch of Felda Chuping main road was one nightmare. Fortunately the weather was treating us very well, the sky was cloudy and windy, and the sun wasn't harsh at all.

Exiting from the main road, we had a drink at Batu Bertangkup and continued our journey to Tasik Melati (it's so huge ass big!!).

Having lunch by the golf club at 12pm, head back to Kangar and arrived at 1pm. We didn't calculate or keep track of how many kms did we go as I am one huge tech noob who don't know how to make use of those google mapping thingy.

Most fortunately: I didn't suffer any muscle ache!!! (yet... *touchwood*)

OH! And, btw,


Last Thursday, dad informed me that Lim Tino was going back hometown on Friday night to celebrate Mother's Day and asking if I want to join, where I immediately 'hentam balik' due to his usual last minute 'invitation'. Will be going back for Shin Yee's wedding and 'if I'm in time' for my baby nephew! :)

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