Bicycle 'Foodie' Touring: 3D2N Labour Day Trip Sitiawan-Pangkor

Hey, long time no update~ Let me clean the spider webs first....


*cough* *cough*

OK done!

14 of us had a 3D2N cycling touring around Sitiawan and Pangkor.
Verdict: Damn HOT Argh!!! And makan until so puas hahaha!!

I didn't have any records, regardless Strava or whatevs, about this trip because my phone broke and I couldn't be bothered to download the app in another phone. So I didn't have any details about the distance, elevation, speed etc.

DAY 1:

We gathered at a mamak stall in Kota Damansara for breakfast and as the take off point. I mean, drive out point lol. To those who think we rode all the way from KL, thanks for the thought!! But nope, we drove to Sitiawan. We had a quick 'tea time' at Sekinchan - shark porridge!

Despite the long weekend (weekend + Labor Day break), the traffic was alright. Part of the roads were under construction and we saw some groups were cycling on the damaged road OMG. I pity their butts.

We arrived Sitiawan …

HIIT The Obesity Charity Run: 7 km run 6 HIIT stations

Ganged-up with FY, we joined the HIIT The Obesity Charity Run at Kota Kemuning last weekend.

This charity run was organised by Anytime Fitness Malaysia for the Great Heart Charity Association (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) and the proceeds raised from the run would be 100% contribute to the association.

Honestly I wasn't so noble lah about joining this event, let the organiser think about the fund raising. I was excited when Theresa first broke the news, so I quickly asked my fitness-partner-in-crime FY to join as a team of 2 together.

Everything was as vague and clueless, up til the very last week only we were announced what kind of workout routines at every station, and OMG it was hard!!

7 km run + 6 HIIT stations to complete:

HIIT station 1: Mountain climber x 50 (left right count ONE)
HIIT station 2: Hurdle jump x 30
HIIT station 3: Explosive jack x 20
HIIT station 4: Burpee x 20
HIIT station 5: Pommel jump x 50 (in, out count ONE)
HIIT station 6: Alternate lunges jump x 30


三天两夜 霹雳太平 生日旅记


跟宏宏小抱怨了一下 -- 我们刚在一起的我的第一个生日,住了刚新开张的酒店,在豪华酒店E&O吃自助晚餐 -- 现在,就酱!去一个小地方,住在一个整层楼共用两间浴室的旅馆!
而且在某一次我还忘了他为我烘焙的那个生日蛋糕!记得的竟然是我妹!那一天把他气死了!虽然那个情景回想起来蛮好笑的~~~ 我们算是打平啦~~
我们住在宏宏很常住的 Sojourn Beds & Cafe,位于 Jalan Kota。

1) 新板华顺烟花炒粿条
地点:Jalan Besar, Jalan Simpang, 34000 Taiping, Perak. (McD drive-thru 对面) 营业时间:拜一到拜六 7pm - 12am 售完为止

一开始宏给我看照片的时候,我还以为这个地方的特色就是那个烟花,食物不怎么样。可是,不是也,很好吃耶!Sorry uncle....

3D2N Taiping Birthday Getaway

Hiiiiii youuuuuu *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*

Had a birthday getaway to Taiping, Perak, with Hon.

Took the komuter from Arau to Taiping is such a breeze - although I need to interchange at Bukit Mertajam station. It took me 3 hours and RM14.10 to get there.

I made a tad complaint about my birthday when we first started dating was staying at a new (refurbished) hotel and a dinner buffet at E&O Hotel, and now THIS - just a getaway to some town and sleeps in a hostel (we took private room lah) with shared toilets!

"Well, this happens when we are together for so long".

Yeah true also. And I sort of forgot about the birthday cake he baked during that 'extravagant' birthday (and Chen remembered hahaha!!! That moment was so funny although I broke Hon's heart :p ), so we are even lah~

We stayed at Hon's 'usual place' - Sojourn Beds & Cafe at Jalan Kota.

Both of us have a fondness for Taiping, be it the food, the price of the food, the scenery etc.

For my …

2D3N ICED Conference in Phuket

Went to Phuket for a 2 days conference, a collaboration between UniMAP (my Uni) and PSU - Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand. The schools that are in-charge of this conference are Computer and MicroE, which are not the school I'm in, so I didn't know 99% of the staffs/lecturers there, except Fan Yun haha! I stick to her all the time LOL!

The conference was on Thurs & Fri. I only decided to go two weeks before the date, FY got a lil upset coz she booked flight ticket back on Fri afternoon. If only I decided earlier she would have stayed longer yikes! She is such an angel coz despite my indecisiveness, her offer of letting me crash her room still stand til the very end hehe! She is one of the committees so she gets a free room, and thanks to this/her, I spent so little on this trip!
The bus journey took 12 hours!! I sat until my butt hurts and my back sore.
The conference took place at Graceland Resort in Patong, Phuket.