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Jack-sitting + Uber & Thomas Cup

Theresa was away for a trip, so I was 'in-charge' of Jack-sitting. Theresa sms-ed me about Jack's depression when they were leaving the house, so me, the comforter, to the rescue after I finished my furbrats' stuff.

(Oh, btw, lil Moz suffered a minor diarrhea few days back, causing the foul-smelling bedding and it's totally unpleasant, but luckily he was all good after a day of mushy poos)
Jack is always a darling. He got all excited and jumping and running around the place when I came. I brought along my cross stitch kit to spare the time. No laptop this time since the screen was faulty and there's no way I brought along the monitor and stuff. Too troublesome!

Although it's a free-and-easy weekend, but there's still a challenge for me.
Morning: wake up at 8am to let Jack out for pee-pee time; brush teeth wash face; back home to settle the furbrats' meal and bedding cleaning; back to KP for Jack.
Evening: let Jack out for pee-pee time (if applicable)…

Manners in Public

Since young, we (us Lim sisters) were aware that there's no point of arguing and throwing tantrums, typically in public, because our parents would just leave us there and mind their own business (Well that's what my mom told me, and I believed her because she's my mother).

Here, the point of this post is because ahem... I want to brag about my good manners in public.

Last Saturday, there was a 文娱晚会 'Cultural Night (?)' at Kangar Buddhist Society, a friend and I went there after dinner.

By the time we arrived, the show has began with few singings. We settled down at the stands for the rest of the show, and there's when our nightmare began.

Around us were groups of youngsters, most likely Unimapian, sitting in front, behind, left and right of us. When the show started, the crowd was still in their solemn silence mode; but when one of their friend* performed, they went crazy from then on til the end!!

The crowd was super noisy!! I noticed some of the elder groups at th…

Movie I Watched (Over the Weekend)

1) Dark Shadows


OK lah the only reason I was so keen of waiting for this movie is because of, none other than Johnny Depp! His appearance in the trailer is Edward Scissorhands + Sweeney Todd blend into one, I mean the make up.

For me, 'Dark Shadows' is funny and entertaining enough, but it's hard to please those Imdb people.

The whole movie is alright. Good (looking) actors + actresses; some really funny scenes and punchlines; I especially like Carolyn Stoddard, so rebellious and bad girl (I didn't even realize she's the girl in "Hugo", just thought that she's very 面善)

Some downside though (my own POV):
1. Angelique's make up is tooooo heavy. The face is too fair, and the lipstick is too red. I know she is a witch, but is it necessary?
2. Angelique + Barnabad love making part. Yeah I know they have their never ending love-hate story and one is witch and one is vampire (explains the 'extraordinary' love making process), but, again, is it…


P/S:为了不要把一些‘看到我写英文部落格就被吓跑’吓跑,有些文章我会考虑写两个语言的版本~ (讲到好像很多读者酱...够力臭美到~~)



etc etc...


Cycling Round 2 at Perlis

Today's challenge: Putra Palace - Jejawi - Arau - Correctional Centre (Jail) - Kok Klang - Felda Chuping main road - Batu Bertangkup - Tasik Melati - Sungai Batu Pahat Golf Club - Putra Palace

The weather was windy and 'small' rainy on the morning.

Started off at 8am, Cikgu and I began our journey with breakfast at Restoran Buluh something in Jejawi. The traffic was OK.

From Arau, we passed by the newly built correctional centre, going towards Chuping using the Kok Klang route. As we entering the outskirt area, the road was narrower, less traffic with nicer view and fresh air.

The stretch of Felda Chuping main road was one nightmare. Fortunately the weather was treating us very well, the sky was cloudy and windy, and the sun wasn't harsh at all.

Exiting from the main road, we had a drink at Batu Bertangkup and continued our journey to Tasik Melati (it's so huge ass big!!).

Having lunch by the golf club at 12pm, head back to Kangar and arrived at 1pm. We didn't …

I had a 'Screen' Problem

The other day, my laptop suddenly decided to sabotage me AGAIN, by blacking out his screen. This wasn't the first time already, but still I was terribly furious, jumping-up-and-down-cursing-here-and-there kinda mad.

Moreover, this little cunning fellow decided to trick me! When I was frustrated about using him at the lab (and I did using the huge ass CRT monitor to substitute the blacked-out screen for 2 days), he decided to 'come alive', back to normal again and stuff.


The next day, there he went again. Jilakat betul!

Anyways, sending him for repair is not really my option currently. Ever since the beginning of the year, I have been considering a new laptop purchase, and I have been threatening this cunning fellow since then. Plus, this kind of 'black screen' repair gonna costs me another 200+ bucks which I would rather using it on the new laptop fund!

So, there goes my dilemma. Sigh~

Why does it have to be now!?

p/s: Yup, this laptop is a 'HE'.

Have been busy....

1) ...doing private stuffs. Dinners, going outs, this and that, I have been home to sleep for most of the days, and went out almost every single day in a week, and out for whole day during weekends.

2) ... watched The Avengers. 看后感? 打架,打架,打架,打架,打架,吵架,打架,吵架,打架,打架,打架,打架,打架,吵架,打架,打架,打架,完!

3) ... wedding dinner at Alor Star last weekend. Mom, dad and Lim Erjie came to the north; met a whole lot more of distant relatives (relation related, not distance); proven that I have a LOT of relatives in the north!

4) ... rearranging room decor, making the space bigger and more comfortable.

5) ... practicing belly dance for Maslis Hari Ibu organized by Puteri UMNO. (Post will up soon when pictures' ready)

The Chronicles of M&M - Vet Visit and Eye Treatment

P/S: The new blogger layout is so complicated, I dislike it :-(

*Post dated on 19th April...
Progress from here...

I got cautious and doubts after the local vet department's diagnosis, so I emailed a vet, Dr. Jenny in KL (who is highly recommended by forumers and guinea pig owners) for a second diagnosis opinion, and I did the rightest thing!!

Apparently, Neodeca contains steroid (Dexamethasone on the label). According to Dr. Jenny, the steroid will not effect the guinea pig in general, but it is a form of steroid anti-inflammatory medicine which can help reduce swelling and pain but it can delay healing at the eye. According of Shin Yee, my chemist friend, steroid is very 'strong', it might heal the wound now but might not work if the same kind of wound or disease relapses in the future and there would be very hard to find some other alternative medicine.

Not only that, Dr. Jenny gave few possibilities for the cause of the eye problem, including infection, injury etc, and …


*Too much overdue posts, too lazy!!*
这将是一篇充满了惊叹号的文章~ 因为在想着和编者这篇‘稿’时,我的脑海里都一直在兴奋地尖叫!!


这场演唱会是在槟城PISA举办。话说这是我生平第二场演唱会啊~~ *报道请看这*

由于这是一场慈善演唱会,在歌手们开场前,就有一连串的移交支票仪式;而演唱会的前段中段后段有一些‘普通演唱会’不会有的东西,比如说主持人啊,演唱会在最后有个‘歌手致谢’之类的东西;无知的我,一直被出席演唱会经验丰富的韵韵姐姐万千次地‘提醒’:“这个是慈善演唱会,不是普通演唱会~~” x 23871908次。

担任司仪的杨庆煌作为开场。因为他‘卷毛’了,我一下子认不到 ,后来慢慢想起:“依....那不是李正男的爸爸吗?”(李正男是谁?请自行谷歌《家和万事兴》)

接着,他介绍李圣杰出场(我才知道原来李圣杰是网球国手也!!)。他很高!!又高又瘦,真是我的style :-) 听他现场唱痴心绝对和手放开果然很棒!!可是,可能手脚太长的关系吧,动作协调上显得有点僵硬 (毕竟我也被人说过手脚长的人跳舞没那么好看...)




就酱,散场后,我就决定了下一次去唱K要唱些什么歌了... LOL!…