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Kanas 喀纳斯 Trip (21/5/09-24/5/09)

I planned to make the stories short, by combining all my China trips into one post. However, I think my loso-ness has failed everything. The only solution is to tell the tales one by one, bit by bit. -______-

It was one of my best trips in China, in fact the places I went to are one of the best places in China too. Beautiful places, wonderful people, it just awesome.

Urumqi has a very well organized tourism plans to a lot of places within Xinjiang with different pricing, routes, terms and conditions offered by dozens and dozens of travel agencies throughout Urumqi. Plus, some of my teachers are tour guide-into-teacher type, so we always seek for their help whenever we urge for a trip.

This trip was planned in conjunction of the school's sport day. Zhang Lao Shi don't agree that we purposely ask for leave just to go travelling, so we have to wait for long weekends.

This time, it is a group of 14, including old couples, middle-aged couple, a family, lonesome people etc. It is by far…


I got this RM3 reward from one of my Elective subject's lecturer during his Modeling class yesterday evening.

Well, I just got RM3 from him, but my wallet has too many pieces of RM1 already, and I forgot which is which. So whatsoever lah the RM4 is absolutely anonymous.

Instead of saying it is a so-called reward, I would rather refer it as a bribe. A nice one lah!

This lecturer is getting cuter and cuter semester by semester. He teaches us for about 3 semesters, and this semester, his cuteness seems to be increasing to a level that make us all wonder:"He can really be this cute one hah? Ewwww...." Anyway, he is same age as my Yin Jie lah, so I am treating him as a friend instead of a lecturer.

Back to the reward story.

His subject is almost all about maths. Equations lah, derivations lah, something like that. So far, we did a lot of derivations. Some of that, he asked us to do it ourselves as answers in his lecture note is incomplete.

For that, just to make us do it faster, he…

Post Quarantine Days

After having to stay at hostel for 4 solid days (exclude those time when I went out to have lunch or watsoever), I can finally announced that 'I miss school!'

The weekend was quite a lazing one. I supposed to have few assignments/reports/watsoever to be done by next week, but because of the weather/the mood/etc, I did almost NOTHING.

When Sunday came by, it's still the same. I was not even finished chapter 3 of my student exchange program report which is about the school I attended. All I did was, .....well.... nothing literally.

Then when it comes to Monday, everything seemed so terrifying. Hostel's main gates were closed and locked, ambulance and vans were parked all over the places, people wearing masks. Simply scary.

There's a scanning event going on at the hostel hall, to indicate how many students are in fever. I passed that scanning check point, but not one of my housemates. Her body temperature was 37. She went in quite early, but came out the most late. After …
















There's rumours (Or maybe facts, it's just that I don't get any first hand news yet DOH~) saying that there's some 1st year students (about 9 of them) staying at our hostel area were suspected infect the devastated H1N1 virus, and is now under quarantine at god-knows-where. A friend of mine said one of them has just came back from Japan.

Today, suppose we have lab on the morning. I had a good night sleep before that, and when I woke up at 7am, Kak Yaye sent me an sms saying all classes are cancelled because our hostel is attacked by the virus. Gosh~

Then later this morning, we had a simple body check up at the hostel hall, to check your body temperature. How accurate can that be leh? With the hot weather and big sun etc...

Now, all I know is that, I'm Super Bored!






Sick =(

If you think getting sick in the weekend is bad enough, I have an assignment, tutorial and lab report to be submitted by next week, and searching literature reviews for my FYP title by Tuesday. Argh life suxx!

Maybe because of the sickness, I don't think I'm really that good as what my lecturer said about me. Initially, I get a topic of speech under Miss Ooi for some reason, after some effort by Engr. YB, I finally get the title I wanted so badly: Motion Analysis of Badminton Racket during Smash. Right now, I don't even think that I can make a good job out of that. Haih...


Grown-up Daughter

This morning, when I was helping my dad for his credit card payment in the bank, I remembered a statement from my mum during our vacation in Guangzhou last June:...

"Ah! Feel so easy to travel with grown-up children. The only role we have to play now is ATM machine. Wait until this girl (I was the only child traveled with them that time) starts to earn her own money in the future, the only thing we need to do then is spend their money and have fun!"

I love my parents so much! =) Even though kena suan...

Riot in Xinjiang

After carefully read the news reports in The Star about the deadly riot in Xinjiang,(sorry, I never have a chance yet to read the newspaper carefully), I am so horrified to believe the fact that the sweet, harmony and wonderful place that I just leave for about 3 weeks ago after staying there for 4 months has turned into a warzone-alike horror situation which is too hard for me to even imagine about.

Families and friends have been giving me message on my Facebook wall, smses etc to tell how glad they are that I've come back a little earlier due to the occurence of the riot. It still brings a great deal of shock to me that within 2 weeks after I have left Xinjiang, on the spur of the moment, such horrible incident would happen.

I'm not in any stand to judge or even say anything about this riot. The only thing I can defend about the place is that I have a really wonderful time there and I truly enjoyed every moment. The people is lovely, the scene is splendid, the memories are jus…

Final Year Begins (1)....

.....and is NOT free at all!

Up until today, I feel like I'm so much in tension, so stressed and no relaxing feel. Chez~ So, even I eagerly wanted to tell my trip stories, still need to delay lah... Haih

This first week is very crucial. Many important decisions have to be made within this week: confirming the course registration thingy; hand in FYP title selection form; this and that. Argh tensionnyer~~

Yesterday, I rearranged my room's feng shui position with some help from my dear housemates. Now, I feel so much like at home, because I have the table in my room! So now I can officially become an autism who never walk out of her room whenever she returned home. Haha!

To make me feel better and make me missed China more...

Liu Jing took this photo when I was choosing keychains. I miss China's pasar malam! Hopefully the riot don't affect the school area. *finger crossed*

Final Year Begins....

Finally I'm back to Perlis again! Continue uni life again!

Right now is the time to get frustrated by FYP titles, super packed schedules and sangat busy punya kehidupan~

You say lah, where got mood to write about China trip stories? Haih...

My dear Friend

I'm so sorry to hear the news.

Be strong my dear.

You know I know you know that I'm always by your side, although not physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Keep in touch k? I love you.

Life sucks

I can't even get my ass warmed on every sofas and beds at home yet, and I need to go back Perlis already tomorrow. And my mum said my room is hit by the strongest hurricane ever because I unpack everything. Argh LIFE SUCKS!!

For some reason, the new home PC unable to show chinese characters. I tried to do everything that I know, but still failed wtf. Well, just leave it to Lim-Family-IT-Savvy Limhueychen.

Trip stories will be told later, when I'm damn free at University hostel. And Student Exchange Programme report too. Argh LIFE SUCKS!


Left few places out... As Jasmine said, my trips beh liao beh liao one mah~

Shun Di Temple, Yuncheng

Guan Gong Temple, Yuncheng

Terracotta Army of Qin Dynasty, Xi An


Argh~ Stupid China network!!

Sorry for being MIA-ing for so long... I should have prepared posts to post but I didn't. I have tones of photos and stories to tell but I don't know where to start.

So.... Before I can settle myself down, better put something up to make this blog feel a little alive lah~ And anyone who want to drool, you are allowed to drool. =)

Qin Huai River, Confucious Temple, Nan Jing

Memorial Centre of Nan Jing Massacre
(I didn't manage to visit though as the place is closed on Monday. Argh!)

Museum of the President

The Tomb Palace of Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Qu Qiu, Suzhou

Zhuo Zhen Garden, Suzhou

Suzhou Museum


Zhou Zhuang Village

The Tower of Tian Ning, Changzhou

The old street of Tun Xi, Huang Shan


Sun Set at Huang Shan

Beijing Road, Guangzhou

Last day in Urumqi

God Pool, Mi Quan

Kanas trip

Windows of the World, Shenzhen

Huo Yan Shan steamboat restaurant