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Bicycle Touring: 2D1N Raya Trip KL - Bentong - Raub

*Photos courtesy of Hon, Weisto, Rex and JH

10 of us going, 11 of us coming back.
No, we did not bring any 'entity' back with us. Uncle Sunny went a day earlier than us and came back with us.
Verdict: 2D1N cycling trip is too damn tiring :(

Genting Sempah - Raub:
Distance 96.7km Moving time 5h43m Average speed 16.9km/h Elevation 1874m.
Raub - Genting Sempah: Distance 69.8km Moving time 4h38m Average speed 15.1km/h Elevation 1572m.
We gathered at Genting Sempah McD R&R as the take off point. Luckily for me and Hon, we managed to find a mamak shop opened at Batu Caves to have our breakfast, the others had to make do with the only stall opened at the R&R.

It was drizzling with light rain on the departure day so we had to delay our departure time from 7am to 8am as the rain slowed down a little. The first 10-20km was mostly downhill so it would be wiser to go on a better weather.

On the way, all of us had a fair share of whining, rain-mud puddle + bad road condition = pain…