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Breakfast in Glenfiddich's

NOT exactly.

We went to Botanical Garden (new name) aka Lake Garden aka Taman Tasik Perdana nearby the Parlimen for a breakfast picnic. Wanted to go picnic by a stream or waterfall but I scared it triggered the flu again so we cancelled that plan.

It's been awhile since I last visited this park. Last time I remembered I was there because of work - setting up booth for a running event.

The park is really big and nice, I wish I could bring my foldie for a ride here. The park is well-maintained, a lot of picnic benches and tables, you can even bring along a mat and sit on the grass. A great place to paktoh, as long as it doesn't rain.

Hon caught up with his game so I strolled alone checking out the scenic view and taking pictures.

 We did some random activities like put a peanut and rice on the ground and observe how the ants move them.
We looked like a bunch of kids, squatting down in awe of nature's work. I'm not sure what is it between boys and ants, a lot of guys I k…

Score Fitmob Zumba Fitness Party 2015

Attended the Score Fitmob Zumba Fitness Party last Sunday and it was full of FUN!! Yeehaw~!!

No to the early rising though, that one sucked max -_-

I was first informed about this event on June. The initial date was on 2nd Nov and it was supposed to take place at Dataran Merdeka. There's a lower rate for group registration - RM70 instead of 75, so I joined Chen's group since no one in Perlis was interested that time.

Around October, an email from SCORE saying the event has got bigger and "better", they marked a new date on 18th Jan and shifted the venue to Stadium Merdeka. The word better always has to have the quotation mark on and di-Italic-kan, especially events as such when they make it "bigger". Even smaller events sometimes don't do well, let alone bigger ones. I just hoped it went OK-ish...

And, WOW, SCORE does not disappoint! In fact, it was an event with almost 6000 participants, and I did not have any complaint or rumbling or dissatisfaction a…

Cycling in the Morning - Backyard of Kangar, Perlis

Finally, a weekend when the weather was good and I'm around - it means cycling spree :)

WH had a bad knee so I went alone. 
I thought of doing a mini duathlon - cycling + running - but I have a premenstrual breast tenderness and swelling (In short, sucker-PMS-stuff), and because I don't like running that much anyway, so it was off the list.
These days, Perlis' morning is gloomy and dark, and it gets bright pretty late - about 8ish O' clock, so that kinda discouraging me to get up. I gathered all my motivation and dragged my sorry ass off the bed because I really need that ride!!
Instead of the usual route, I tried something different today, and it was so nice!!

Flood & Things

Last weekend, several states in Malaysia were hit by the worst flood in decades, including my hometown Kelantan (Kota Bharu town, to be exact).

My house was fortunately spared from the flood but a lot of my relatives' houses and shops were badly damaged. On the first few days, I was very anxious and nervous while reading and looking the FB feeds, every Refresh or F5 came a new update on the water level, new pictures of affected places, even places I(we) never thought the water would go ever. At the same time, it was Christmas and the feeds were very much contradicting to each other as it was a mix between the flood and Christmas celebration.

When the flooding went from bad to worse, I asked my sis "is the flood this time worse than the '04?" She said yes, and I shuddered.