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Sakit Otak Time

It's no longer in headache period right now. It is BRAIN-ACHE period.

All revisions and no play makes us a dull kids. That is definitely so true.

see more dog and puppy pictures
My caption: Need to study lah~ Cannot go out and play

Yesterday we had a fun clinic with Mr. YB. He's funny, and we had a lot of lame jokes, I mean A LOT, luckily he layan jugak... Haha~

Anyway, when he said about mental block thing after I told him I didn't even start revising his subject (just kidding la~ You think I so geng lah hor?), I said I won't have that symptom but right now, I have brain ache, and he totally agreed with that, and I mean TOTALLY.


What kind of lecturer 泼 students 冷水 liddat one? =( Anyway, I love him still. Oops!

Good Luck Everyone!


温习期 (Study week的翻译),故其名既是拿来温习的一个星期.










And you think my laptop was stolen?


Yesterday, I absentminded-ly left my laptop power supply adapter in the lab. I went back to the lab in the evening just to find that absolutely no one at all was in the lab (only then I figured out they had meeting. I think it's a BIG meeting because EVERYONE was gone), so I had to wait until the next day, which is today, to take it from the technician.

My laptop's battery has gone haywire, this moment it is still 63% remaining, the next second a warning message pops up telling me to charge the battery or shut off. Jialat~

So, for one solid night, I was laptop-less, which means I was MATLAB-less, FYP-less, assignment-less, internet-less, skype-less, blog-less, winamp-less (thank goodness I have Zen Micro and speaker), and facebook-less, which also means Plock-less, Country Story-less, Farm Town-less, Cafe World-less, Challenge Sudoku-less etc etc etc...

And, I survived! Thank goodness!
Maybe because I've spent days and nights finishing…

What tortures you the most?

(I never think about global warming though @.@)

1. Sleepless night at 2am
2. Test on the day time + 1 assignment & 2 lab reports & 1 FYP progress report to be submitted on day after tomorrow
3. Suddenly have an idea for the assignment or reports

Good thing for me is:It happens concurrently!

I was trying to sleep early tonight as I slept late last night (because of the same damn reason!) I tried so hard to clear my brain, for not to think about anything other than sleep, instead I thought even more things!! Worst and torturous part is, this HUGE light bulb suddenly blinking on my head! Because the smartass ME suddenly figured an idea for the assignment we have to submit on Friday...

*~Then I think to myself... What a sleeeepleeesss night...Oh yeah...~*

Really need to install a switch off button for my brain liao!

BONUS =) :

tis ish jusht kiut! -via-

The Mood Flow of a Student's Blog

It's pretty predictable of how a student's blog can turn out to be in the time being. My Third Year's life as example.

The beginning of the semester would usually starts with holiday mood overflowed and some issues over the hostel or subjects or lecturers or lecture halls or schedule or subjek wajib etc etc.
In this case, the beginning of my Third Year first semester was a worst one, where I caught into a catfight with the housemates who wanted to dominate the whole house by themselves.

When the semester has 'officially' begun, things still go as smooth and bliss as I wish it can always be this way, in terms of lectures, lecturers, lecture halls etc. Some might have trouble with their subjek wajib thing right now, but I always settle mine as quickly as possible. The problem that might surface would have nothing related to the course or the school, but with the University administration.

Sport I Love

^Left: Apacs EdgeSaber 9, 1 month old
Right: Impact n-tech TI 38K, 3 years old

^Yonex tak-tau-apa-model, 2 years old

Had a great game with the technicians and staffs and my foster father En. Shahril today :)

I've finally had a chance to try out my newly purchased Apacs ES9. Performance quite ok, can do baseline stroke without much power consumed, but the YangYang grip is a little too slippery and thin, and my palm sweat a lot. So might consider changing a new grip instead, Fisher maybe? Hmm... Anyway, I'm happy with the new racket :) The RM100 deal is worthy~!

I thought ES9 is a super light racket, surprisingly, the Impact seems to be lighter than Apacs. Hmm.. Then good lo, now I have different rackets with differect specs. Yay!

Random pictah time:

^RM7 lunch. O.M.G. What was I thinking when I decided to take the whole roasted chicken thigh with the butt instead of just half of it???

^Doing mask with cotton pad and egg white. Hidayah was in-charge.

Random Photo Post

^Garfield is a boy!


Now I can conclude that:

Two eggs + any long-shaped thing + Lim Huey Nee = dirty jokes!!

I'm very very sure many of you are very very agree the formula above. Right?

The scary part of FaceBook is that, the games are so addictive. For instance, the games I've addicted now:


^Music Challenge

AND, not including Country Story, Restaurant City, Farm Town etc etc etc yet... Haih...

How nice will it be...

...if I am paid to do my FYP.

Hahahaha dream on it lah dreamy girl~

I spent a compact and good day in the lab yesterday to start my first ever data acquisition procedures for subjects, I mean the subjects for the analysis and thingy. Before this, all I have done is just adjusting the setup and making myself the subject, which is quite inaccurate, AND, problems arose during the shooting. Damn~

Anyway, the shooting was quite ok, some problems need to be settled on the layout plan again. It's just so hard to find the better enough layout. Haih~

Yesterday's shooting was fun. My subjects are the 4 technician boys in our lab. I've already known and friend with the elder two, I just get to know the newer boys during the day, and they are funneh! =) and noisy =.=

I couldn't shout at them to be serious, because they are not my 'friends'. Luckily there's someone else there who can do the job for me. Haha!

^Abang Anuar, one of my subject. The quiet-er and serious-er one.


Motivation Strongly Required

A short post before I start on my undone work. So many things to submit by next week argh!

Two more weeks to go. I need to step on the accelerator right now already before everything will be too late! Argh!

I felt like I was in the working field already because I spent one whole day at Dragon, doing things like an ordinary PLV would do. Too bad no one is paying me for that role. Sigh~

Tomorrow might be another one-whole-day-on-field day as I will be doing my data acquisition thing in the lab. Hope everything will go on smoothly as it can. *finger crossed*

Last issue: Only now that my lecturer know I'm actually nakal? Oh my gosh what did I have been doing all this while is such a waste lah~

Puasa and Raya

The title sounds so much like I'm the one celebrating too... Haha~

Being the only chinese in the 8-occupants-hostel, and ratio of 56:4 (Malay:Chinese) in my class, and spending three years time in Politeknik with Malays around me, these two period of time is not a stranger to me.

As last last semester I was staying alone with 6 others 'strangers', this year, I got to feel the Fasting Month atmosphere again as my ex-and-now-present housemates love to sit on the floor in circle, putting foods and drinks in the middle and EAT! Well I didn't fast but I joined anyway. Plus, can you believe that I actually ate bread in front of my lecturer in the lab at 3.30pm during one of those fasting days?I had a busy day and I didn't have time for lunch, so that's my only option. Haha~

During the food hunting time in Bazaar Ramadhan and displaying of own food while waiting for the fast breaking time, I would compare my food with my friends' food, as shown in previous post.


Happy 25th Birthday Huey Nee

It was another day in University. Yet, it was filled with blissfulness.

I received birthday wishes from sms and Facebook message since two days before the actual day. When the clock struck 12 o' clock in the midnight on 4th October 2009, my housemates stuck themselves at the door to give me a loud and clear birthday wish , yet I was outside washing my face and brushing my teeth, everything was clearly seen through the window. First thing in the morning, I checked my Facebook wall to see who dropped by for a birthday wishes (What? Attention whore you say? I am and I know thank you).

And I was surprised by this, a video directed by my younger sister Lim Tino, starring Lim papa, Lim mama, Lim Da Jie and Lim Er Jie. They went back for Mid Autumn Festival, thanks to the cheap-yet-suck AA flight. When I watched the video, I felt so eagerly want to go home lah =(

The day was spent with assignments, tutorials etc. And a super damn hot weather. Boring.

Later that day, Adik and I went to my FYP…

I haz Happy Tree Housemates

As in one of my previous post, I talked about these housemates who are and have friends who are always so happy, and their laugh is just endless.

I mean, really truly endlessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

I feel so sad sometimes. As my room window is right next to the back door, I would sigh as hard as I could when I see some of their friends walking to our house and enter our house while slamming the door as hard as they can because it is quite hard to open and close.

Nice manner hor? Slamming neighbor's door.

Sometimes, one of the worse scenarios would be, the friends didn't intend to come in, instead, they just shout at their friends aka my housemates' window (btw, their room's window facing the back of the house), talking and laughing as if they are in their own sweet little world, don't know how to control their volume AT ALL.

Nice manner hor?

In the beginning of this semester, they didn't really know how to behave properly lo. Their active time would be around 1-2…

A Big Waste of Time

Today is supposed to be my busiest day in a week, not that I like it but at least I feel satisfied as I managed to attend every lecture classes in this single day although it is tiring and exhausted.

What I don't like the most is that I came to class, but the lecturer doesn't show up, at least with an sms or message saying he/she is not coming, or the worst part, not even give a word for his absent.

There is supposed to be a sit-in-assignment session at 8am, I came, but the Doctor didn't show up. Nevermind.

There is supposed to be Hubungan Etnik class at 11am. I came, but the lecturer didn't show up. He said he has to attend to Datuk K. Fine.

One whole morning! I wasted one whole morning!

If only I knew this is happening, I would just bring my gears and started my data acquisition on subjects already! Jilakat betul...

Fine lo~ Use this time to finish up Lab 5 Modeling... Haih...