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As Prof Yusoff said:

"Exam ialah untuk menguji kefahaman;
Bukan untuk mencari kesilapan."

It means exam is to test your understanding of the subject, but it's not for the lecturers to find your mistake!!!

Wakakkakakak this is so soul-stirring~ Yo my fellow lecturers, please take this quote as your advice of the days when you're marking our papers~ We might give the wrong answers, but it doesn't mean we didn't understand what we are doing

*What a day...*

Final exam is coming

Argh I hate finals!

To my surprise this semester had finished.

To my surprise finals will come by next week.

To my surprise I just realised that I hardly prepare for anything yet.

Argh *HELP*!!

Random story:
Last saturday we went to see semi-friends in conjuction of Li Tong aka Lemon's birthday. She's so cute! Everyone gone crazy and mad that night. Most of the cake's icing were on everyone's face. Alamak It's been a LLOOONNNGGGGG while since my last time participating such 'sticky' birthday party =.=

Stories and pictures will be uploaded when I have the pictures from them =)

Photo-post ^^

This post is about pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!!

1. Xin Jiang students aka semi-friends (coz I not sure should I categorize them into my friends' list :hmm:)

This is 孙迪 Sun Di my all-time fav

But he looks like Benjamin Low Lai Hing my ex service manager

Us with HaerBaerSi ^^

Yup, this is his real name, exclude his surname yet

Oh! btw, he gave us girls this ^^


Us with Ma Yuan, JuJu's all time fav

Nee's eyes closed! NOOB!

I don't know his name =.=

But he's cute! ^^

I don's know his name either =.=

But he's cute too! ^^

Mary and Nee

He asked us to call him Mary

Group photos!

The girl who makes heart shape with me is Li Tong
She's very cute

2. The only 4 chinese girls in 3rd year Biomedical Electronic Engineering UniMAP
Lawatan to Hospital Kangar

Compulsory to wear lab coat

Jamuan buka puasa at Dewan Kapitol

We kata sepakat to wear baju kurung

3. Lame Very lame

Lim Guan Eng punya kisah

One night, I failed to join a talk organized by my second control system lecturer.

My friend informed him about my absence.

As usual, to make everyone's life not miserable, I asked most of my Malay friends/lecturers etc to call me Lim.

And as usual, they told him that I'm not attending because I need to attend my German class.

They said, he called me, 'Lim Guan Eng'.

Ok lar just a small matter.

Today, I managed to give him a very darn cold joke.

He is Su's RPS. So he asked Su to prepare a letter regarding the LI and student exchange thingy, and as I am involved in this matter, I joined their conversation.

I feel like making a cold joke, as there's no many people in the lab, and was abit quite, so if few crows were to fly around the lab, it's acceptable kot.

So I said:"Haiyah, wa manyak sibok mah... Kena jaga Penang lagi, kena buat surat lagi... Adui..."

His million-dollar response is superb:"Huh!??!? Penang?!?!?" (fyi, when I told hird and adik ab…

The End of RPA Day

Since I have written a post about RPA thingy in Mandarin, I think it would be better for me to write a post in English in the sake of my readers who can't read mandarin. *Ahem*

Fyi, 31 students from Xin Jiang, China come to UniMAP to take 6-month English courses and further their study in engineering courses or Business Management later on. Their age is around 18-22. They arrived Malaysia and Perlis on Friday and a 3-days orientation programme for them. Yesterday was the last.
Our main job scope is to become translators among the students and staffs. Being with them for these few days made my Mandarin China-dized =.="

It's been a long time since I last joined this kind of tiring events. It just made me realized how old I am now -_- !! In the morning, our school had this presentation going on for the Master's student at 9am, a 'kehadiran-diwajibkan' kind of programme. Wake up early after a late night sleep is one of the most torturing things in one's life! Oh y…


昨天,从新疆来了三十一位学生,来我们的大学参加英文课程,再接下去就读我们这里的工程科系。而我成了他们的RPA (Rakan Pendamping Antarabangsa) 其中之一。也就是在他们orientation时,在幕后忙个乱七八糟的人物。











也就因为这样,我们跟他们之间更亲切更要好了。可是他们也不断提醒我是多么地老了,姐姐姐姐地叫,把我也叫老了。 -_- 而且有一个叫孙迪的家伙还说我的名字很土呢!哼!可是还好他长得可爱,不然就英年早逝,客死异乡了。=)




今晚我有Taekwondo grading,所以没能参加他们下午的节目。明天是最后一天了,希望别把我们累垮了!

Construction of Liu Bei 刘备

Everything starts from the box.

The head appears.
With the eerie eyes.




Full stop awhile.

Gao dim!

Left side view

Right side view

Back side view

Don't mess with the Liu

The leftover

*Sorrylah for the bad quality of the photos. =)

weekend in KL

Day by day, my list of presentations and assignments are reducing one by one. Yippie! BUT that indicates how near the final is, day by day -_-

I went to KL last weekend, to unbreak my previous promise, plus in conjuction of my birthday too.

So ngam Rais rode the same bus with me, but I sat at the single seat. Beside him is an auntie with a baby, along the journey I saw him helped the auntie to hold the baby timelessly, so cute! ^^

Friday night we had our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I ordered a delicious spagetti

and a not so nice 'snowy chocolate blueberry'

The green and yellow drink were pakcik LCC's.

He bought me this! (*Ahem* I chose it myself de lah...)

I already finished constructing Liu Bei. The story will be up next.

We went to sing K at Neway BTS with Lim Tino on Saturday. Lim Tino, LCC gege gong ni jin jia yao yeng. We sang for about 3 hours++, very memuaskan, BUT there's one part which is NOT memuaskan: They give us two mic, one was partially broke. Cheh~