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Movies I watched

1. Burn After Reading

Hmmm... What should I say?

"A movie which has hell lot of vulgar words and the story line is simply clueless"?

It is a black humor movie. Indeed the scripts etc is quite good, but pardon my English level, I can't really get some of the jokes inside this movie. I never know Brad Pitt can act this kind of character that good! However, I'm not really into this movie that much. Or maybe because I was not in the mood that time?

2. Changeling

Oh Friends, lend me your thumbs please.

I love 'based on true story/event' kind of movies. It makes me think:"OMG, is this really happen in real life?"

Skip the story summary thing. Thank goodness I watched this after 'Burn After Reading', it was kinda relief that 'Good, John Malkovich is still a serious guy'. Angelina Jolie is great in this, and I must say, she worth an Oscar for this. But, some expressions of her is quite...'numb'? Or maybe it's because of her over-reddish…

Weekend lepak in 民街 People Street

Today, we went to 民街 aka People Street with Ju and Ching's Mandarin teacher, 李慧心老师. It's a trip to 'truly' understand the culture of Uyguy in XJ. I highlighted truly because 李老师 is a darn good tour guide =) Plus, it's not only a culture understanding trip, it's also a packly scheduled jalan-jalan cari makan trip. ^^

We took bus no.301 from behind our school. It's quite a long journey, about 10 stops. Well, eventually it turns out to be the same location where we visited last month with the 2nd Year Tourism students. Anyway, this time, it's better as 李老师 is really a good price debater! Haha!

This trip consists of three major activities: Culture knowledge, Souvenir surveys and of course, FOOD!!

民街 aka People Street is a 'Uygur 地头' in Urumqi, where most Uygur people stays here, just like Brickfields in KL, where it represents Indian street, and Petaling Street where it represents Chinese; or, like Jalan Kebun Sultan in KB. Something like that loh~

1. J…

Choir Competition

Today, they have this Choir Competition going on in the school compound. It started at about 6.30pm. I was on the way to AutoCAD class, the class was empty, so I assumed everyone is taking part in this competition thing. So I went to the venue of the competition.

They set up a stage in front of 教学楼, a large compound where the basketball courts, badminton courts, pingpong tables and concrete football fields are. I asked Ching and Wing to come and watch too. What surprising me is that they have students as prefects-kind-of 'guards, guarding around every corner of the compound '封锁现场', so both girls were not allowed to come in the compound and I was not allowed to go out either. Chez~ -__________-"

9 teams took part, from all the departments of the school: Mandarin class, Foreign Language class, Mechanical etc etc... Each team are required to be as creative as they can be. So, some focus on their uniforms, some on their stage performance, etc etc..

This is my favourite =)


笑话 2



Random story time:
Well guys, don't worry about my sickness. I'm getting better =)

I thought it's just us that cannot cope well to the season changing thing here. Rupa-rupanya it's a common thing lah~ because, even locals are sick too. Dozens of them.

According to the locals, they claim that it's because of the wind. So, I think, wind that comes during spring is quite 'nasty', coz it brings fever, flu, and cough to everyone. Chez~

So, I just wonder, the person who sings '春风它吻上了我的脸', he/she must catch a cold too later.

Updates along the week

1. Went to 可可抓饭 for lunch on one fine afternoon.

It's famous of, of course, the 抓饭. Direct translate would be Grab Rice.

This food is a famous cuisine for Uygur people. The name is originated from their culture. Long long time ago, they eat this kind of rice by using hand, just like us eating rice in Malaysia using hands. As time goes by, I not sure why they start to use spoon and/or chopsticks to eat it, but the name is still called "Grab Rice". This restaurant 可可抓饭 is famous of its nice Grab Rice. And it really really nice.

There's a lot of people by the time we reached there. *Full House*! Summore spent almost 40 minutes queue up to get our rice. However, everything is really worthy.

The BBQ lambs taste like any other bbq lamb

But the Grab Rice is multiple thumbs up!

The taste is superb! Although the price is a little high (RMB6 per plate).

One adding star for it is, we can unlimitedly add rice! Although the amount is quite pathetic.

2. Went to Matta Fair XJ version at Pe…










这个时候WMP竟然转到Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence




吐鲁番 Turpan 1-day Trip

Venue: Turpan
Date: 4 April 2009
Time of Departure: 8.30am
Person involved: 7 tourists + 1 tour guide yang licik + 1 driver

It was quite a sunny day. We were warned that the weather would be around 20-30 degree celcius and will be very dry. This trip ended up fun yet frustrated and meng-keksim-kan. My sight couldn't balance up either as the colours of the scenery are either yellow or ground color. *Argh*

It tool approx 2 hours from Urumqi to Turpan.

Fyi, Xin Jiang is a multi-racial state and Uygur is the largest population in Xin Jiang, followed by Han zu 汉族, while Turpan is one of the 聚集地 of Uygur people.Geography: Turpan is the lowest place in the world. As Turpan is surrounded by numerous mountains and the far distance from sea (Urumqi holds the longest distance from sea in the world 世界上里海洋最远的地方), this situation makes humid air unable to cross over the high mountain, resulting dry and hot weather in Turpan.

There are 4 MOST or -est to describe Turpan:
1. Sweet-est 最甜: Grapes in Turpan…