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Fit Malaysia Perlis 2016

Few weeks back I've seen people checking my blog with keyword 'Fit Malaysia Perlis 2016', which would definitely lead them to last year's event. Despite my itchiness effort of writing a prequel post prior to this year's event, I don't have any idea what to write coz... there's just ain't anything to write about. Anyway...

Fit Malaysia (FM) Perlis 2016 was held at IKBN Kuala Perlis on 8th May 2016.

FM was held before Perlis Marathon this year, and since we were somehow registered as a member under Rainbow Jersey Team website (the main organizer of FM), we were notified through email regarding the event. Since I did online registration on the FM Run the same time I registered 5km Perlis Marathon (more about the 'downgrade' of Perlis Marathon run later), I didn't bother to check the verification/confirmation email because I more kan cheong on the Perlis Marathon registration - cause it involved payment.

This year, I didn't register for the …

2D1N Teluk Intan Foodie + Wedding Trip

I admit the dual-lingual post is just to boost my reader statistics lol. Please bear with me.

Last weekend, me and Wendy (and Jayden, her 9mo son) went for a 2D1N trip to Teluk Intan, Perak for our housemate, Nad's wedding. The main agenda was the wedding, the next important mission was of course the food lah!!

My responsibility for this trip was a rather big one (or I just perasan you don't say), because we have a 9 month-old toddler along who still is recovering from his fever, and I am the main planner for this trip! Woah I haven't do such thing for as long as I can remember since I've been together with Hon coz that's his thing! I felt kinda nervous, with a kid summore. I viewed it as some sort of training for myself haha!

Since Nad's Akad Nikah or wedding solemnization was on Friday 3pm, we departed from Perlis that morning assuming we manage to catch that time.

WTF Google Map your 4 hours plus ETA cannot trust one! We planned to depart at 8am, but you kno…

两天一夜 安顺游记



话说这次的旅程我的责任满重大的(很多时候都是我自己perasan罢了啦),因为这次同行的是Wendy(另一位室友)母子 - 九个月大的 Jayden ,全程由我主导,而且自从跟宝贝宏在一起后每次的旅途都是他在规划,这次我要自己规划,还要考虑到小baby,算是给自己一个training啦 哈哈哈!

由于 Nad 的 Akad Nikah (伊斯兰教法上的正式合法结婚)在星期五三点举行,我们在当天早上从玻璃市出发,想说应该来得及赶上。

Google Map 是怎样算 ETA 的啊,说好的四个多小时呢??

我们比预算的八点迟了一个小时出发,结果差不多四点才到达安顺。赶到 Nad 的家时人都解散的七七八八了~~


(照片都是从 Google 和他们的blog 摘下的)

Wendy 在 订了这家 TnT Novelty House 的民宿。

随便地在 Google 找到他们的blog,感觉上满不错的。