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Days at home

It's been almost a week now since I rot in KB.

The purpose of coming back home is because of a training in HUSM related to my MSC research: to study the leukemia image. However, due to the extreme packed and busy schedule of the head of Hematology (The Doctor who is incharge of lecturing us), so far, I only viewing the complicated image of the slide and know nothing yet. *yawn*

Anyway, the more I learn about leukemia, the more interested I am on it, and the more I confused about myself.

The question I always ask myself ever since I started my MSC is: "Am I really want to go into image processing?" No doubt, my heart is always towards Motion Analysis and biomechanics, but it is probably just the hobby or some interesting study I want to find out, but for a long-term academic research, it won't do any good for me 'gua'...

So, all I have to do now is to concentrate on what I choose to face and forget about other things else lah~

Extra pictah time:

Jeng, jeng, jeng!!




... ... ...


跟小妹说起这件事,她的theory很厉害:"说不定是三姨婆跟外婆说的!!!(原因) "
三姨婆是dreamer, 我是target,表弟是objection,外婆是Mal... -___-
beh tahan...
Whatsoever,这个梦告诉我:我的潜意识想要个男朋友!!! :p

Wallet Big Out Blood

.... aka 钱包大出血 aka I burnt a bloody big hole in my parents' pocket.
Within one week, I've spent almost RM1k on my car, consider an 'almost' thorough make over... Sigh.
It all began with the dead battery. I was still happily drift along the highway to Pauh the previous day, and on the next morning, the car won't start. When I noticed the car radio wasn't ON while I switch on the car key, I knew 'Ah great, just great...'
Thanks to house owner aunty, she contacted someone she knows to help me out. Later, a handsome, end tao guy came along. He owns an auto shop near the Taman. I had some 'alone' time with him in between, and my heart 小鹿乱撞! Haha kee hiao spotted...
There goes RM180.
Then, when he started the car engine, he heard some uncommon sound from the belts, and suggested to send the car for a medical check up. At that time, I was 'Ah great... just great...'
To make things convenient, I sent my car to the guy's shop on the weekend (since …

Movie/Drama I Watched

1. Inception

One word: WOW. Or maybe because I never watched any movies recently, and I wanted to watch 'Despicable Me' so badly.
I only watched two Christopher Nolan's movies completely (meaning from head to toe, minus the credit): The Dark Knight and Inception. I must say, he did a great job.
The directing is great, the acting is great, the idea is brilliant, just great! I've read all the reviews on paper and online, which most of them recommend not to read the review before watching the movie, and now I would say, even if I read the review, it doesn't affect my feeling towards the movie anyway.
I never actually had a 2 levels dream before, or not that I remember of. Most of the times, I don't even know I was dreaming, except the part when I want to pee, that's the 'kick' that wakes me up.
My sister and I had some discussion over the movie. Was it real or just a dream at the end of the movie? Why did Robert Fischer Jr. go to the Limbo as well? Saito…




Degree Convocation

Finally. 3 years of hardship, sweats, tears and pain has come to an end. Finally. The reason I resigned 3 years ago, has bear a fruit of success.

My whole family came to Kangar for my Istiadat Konvokesyen. My FYP supervisor was there to witness our graduation. I am happy, contented, and satisfied.
Sometimes, when I am in the blank mode, the memories of the 3 years life come flashing and spinning in my mind. There's happy, pain, hatred, disappointment, glad, etc etc etc. All kinds of moods mingle in mind, heart and soul.
It is not any ordinary 3 years that I can easily compare with, neither my 3 years Diploma life, or any of the long years I've been through. This one is special.
I'm sorry for those who I offended intentionally and unintentionally, and you have my forgiveness for pissing me off.
Thanks to everyone who has 'pushed' and guided and led and helped me in getting this Degree. You're welcome to those who wants to thank me.
I am sti…

Second Week

I left out one part of story in the First Week post, and I think it is rather suitable to be written in the second week post during the convocation robe collection period.
Ever since I came back to Perlis, I've met a handful of people I know, and all of them saw me like they apparently saw a ghost. Seriously.
They saw me into the eyes, 四目相望, their pupils dilate, points their finger towards the smiley-face me and say:"What are you doing here?? You are supposed to be at UM or USM or some other place right?"
This happened for few times already last week, and continue to happen this week when I met friends during the collection of convocation robe. The action repeat each time I meet someone.
However, there's one million-dollar reaction that still keeps me LOL up until today. It is the very first and still the first silent version of the above conversation I had since I came back.
I bumped into few friends at the pasar malam last week, and stopped to chat with them. Then, I …

Potluck / Jamuan Sebelum Ramadhan

Obviously, I'm not the one who is going to celebrate Ramadhan.
The jamuan/potluck was on last Monday. It was the idea of the elder sisters in the cluster. I was supposed to in-charge the desserts with the Master students but I totally forgot all about it. At 11.30pm Sunday night, Inception happened and I had the "kick" out of sudden, remembering the jamuan. Too bad, it's too late. Haha~
^Whole table of fooooood!!
^Whole table of local fruuuuiiits!!
There's laksa, spagetti, kuih-muih, mini nasi bungkus prepared by the fellow clustermates. The local fruits were brought by Prof Yusof all the way from Kelantan. Yum yum!! Too bad I'm not a fan of salak and that's why En. Shahril disapproved my identity as Kelantanese. Haha!
^The elder sisters in the cluster prepared ulam for laksa
The jamuan went on for the whole day because too many food! I brought back some for dinner. That evening, I 'chewed' dozens of rambutans non-stop and someone actually noticed that…

First Week

It's been a week now ever since I came back for my MSc./PhD.

Everything seems the same, and not similar in the same time. I found it quite odd to stay in a rented room instead of hostel in Perlis. It's just me lah because I've been staying in hostel in Kuala Perlis for 3 years, then suddenly moving out of there and staying in a new place (Kangar). Hence I need to re-look for place to eat, place to buy stuffs etc.

The room I rented is huge, I think it's possible to stuck in three people! Hehe... Of course I don't try to do that 'yet', comfortness is the first priority! Too bad the house doesn't have Internet connection, and Maxis BB sucks! :(

On the first day, Prof stated that it's best 'if' I come to the cluster everyday from 8am til at least 6pm, and so that I did for the past week. Two days for the MSc, then the stupid assignment came along. I don't want to explain the 'stupidity' of the assignment here (a friend said I was ungrat…