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A Day Around Perlis

Did a one day trip around Perlis last weekend.

Venue: Wang Kelian - Padang Besar - Chuping - Kuala Perlis.

1st stop: Wang Kelian

I have heard for years about the steepy and 九曲十八弯 road going to Wang Kelian, and everyone who talked about the road has never been to Gunung Jerai, so I can't get a comparison out of it, so this time, I can :)

Wang Kelian is one of the two border towns between Malaysia and Thailand. This one is much smaller than Padang Besar, but the variety of goods sold here is indeed tremendous. From the common-est things like shoes and foods to the more 'unique' things like bicycles, small machinery and hardware stuffs, you can find it here.

Since it's the first Sunday on the fasting month, the market was not as crowded and hectic as it used to be. It seems to be more Thailanders than Malaysians here.

As of the road, yup it is as 'creepy' as it always been described to be, but I would still say the Gunung Jerai road is far more challenging than this. Ot…

This and That

Few things happened for the past few weeks of my life:

1) Went back hometown for little ShirLyn's full moon. That girl has grown huge after a week since I last saw her! She's huge in the first place anyway. She is also the first newborn who I hug and carry for the first time in my life! (Note: I am so not dare to carry newborn, due to their small size most of the time, so this huge babe is one exception!)

The ceremony was simple. A morning bath followed by some simple 'blessing' thingy: hair and nail cutting, rice and pulut eating, gold biting, paper and pen holding and scribbling, lastly salt and sugar eating. All the eating part was in a very very tiny portion, so no need to worry about that. We recorded a video of it, and it's really cute and funny! :D

We've been busy for the whole morning of escorting the princess around town to pray and deliver full moon cakes. Sis's MIL ordered nasi dagang for the day, and it's yummy! People coming over to the house …

I Am Wee ShirLyn

P/S: I (the blog owner) was thinking about writing only one post of my dear little niece, but then it's not fair for those who can't read Mandarin, so here I am, writing about her in English, in first person narrative.

P/P/S: I have been soooo lazy. Sorry for the much-delayed post.

Hello world!!

I think you might know who I am by now from my aunties' FB, and I acknowledge EVERYONE who say how freakingly cute I am (although I know it's the freaking truth!).

I was born in 6th June 2012, so I celebrated my full moon 'party' last Friday. Almost everyone was there, except my 姑姑s and 二姨 The 'Crocodile', but it's fine on my side because I've been grumpy and hard to please most of the times.

I am now weighed at 4.6kg, and still has that hairy hair which make everyone screams of jealousy and excitement.

I LOVE sleeping with my arms folded and raised beside my ears! So, sometimes my evil ah yi would disturb my sleep like:


Once in a while, I love makin…