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The Fishes Sell by Selfish People

I was outraged.

Sometimes, it is hard to put a scale on decisions made, whether to say which side is being fair and which side is being selfish.

There's a saying in Chinese "人不为己,天诛地灭" which means every human's starting point in making up decision and mind for some issue in their life.

Yes, people can be selfish. I am selfish. That is human nature. But, would you ever think, even for one second, that your selfish can make someone's life miserable?

You want to cover your own ass, fine. But you don't use other people's hand to cover your ass, this is wrong. So wrong. You don't want people to disturb your life, you don't disturb other people's life too. If you want to say I have no regard and respects on the elderly, so be it. You don't earn my respect. Nuff said.

I didn't specifically or particularly say who this post is 'dedicated to.Who eat the chili feel the spice loh

Ip Man 2 Premiere Screening won from Nuffnang

So, I eventually won myself the very first premiere screening invitation of Ip Man 2 from Nuffnang, due to my not-so-great-idea effort of this post.

It's actually a lot of 'FIRST' for this though:
1. FIRST time participating in this type of contest.
2. FIRST time winning something from Nuffnang.
3. In fact, it's FIRST time I won a premiere screening tickets!!

Thanks again Nuffnang. It's not a big prize, but it's good enough for me :)

The one up-there is fair

Took a break from the piles and piles of books and notes...

AS per continuation of my previous post about that same topic, I think I should share it in English version too, in case anyone who doesn't understand and/or can't read Mandarin. It's more or less the same, so if you already read the Mandarin version, you can skip this one.

^I AM obviously not god...

Have been hanging out a lot with a male uni friend of mine lately. Mostly dinners. We would sit, eat, drink and chat for who knows how long until the clock strikes midnight sometimes lah not all the time.

Among all the topics we have chatted gossips are certainly not excluded, we always come back to the conclusion that:

God is fair

I always say God but he always say 'the One up there'. Thus the title... LoL

Beforehand, I would like to tell a story.


There is a friend, he is not really bright and smart, and he is often been teased by the lecturers during lecture.

"Can you work a little harder plea…

Life is unpredictable

Heard about bad accident happened on my coursemate today.

Life is so unpredictable. Cherish your life, appreciate everyone around you, don't take people for granted.

My prayers for her. Get well soon.

For those who are traumatized by the whole events, all I can and able to do is just to offer my hugs. Be strong, my friends.

FYI, the accident occurred on the same day that we went to Gunung Jerai. It kinda freaked us out too, and I just realized I didn't tell mum about my outing yet. -_______-



(我发现到,自poli开始,我都有一个小‘习俗’ -- 都是在最后一个学期才遇到真正知己...希望不会太晚咯)

在闲聊的同时,偶然发现到原来我跟他的想法其实还蛮相近的,因为我们都同时感觉到 --






Lab report,他会比我早一步做。在我根本还没想要开始动笔时,他已经做好Result & Discussion的部分要跟我对答案,甚至还会拷贝一分给我让我抄。


到最后一年,他出色了,耀眼了,就因为他的Final Year Project (FYP) 是无人能敌的。


在最近几个星期,当我们都在忙着赶project report时,他会拜托我帮他批改他的report... 我当然没那么厉害,就只是帮他改grammar,造句之类的...

当他向我解释某些电子工具的用途时 (方便我更改造句), 我总是听得一头雾水,再配上一段心虚又有听没有懂的‘噢~~~~~’,他都会窃笑一番。





这全是因为 ----- 老天爷是公平的。



Lubuk Naga 龙潭 at Gunung Jerai

It started with a random weekend getaways or water dipping ideas as a so-called announcement of preparation for the study week and final exams. Then I remembered viewing Yujin's FB pictures of this nice waterfall at Gunung Jerai, thus I 'seduced' my pals to go for it and Yujin as the tour guide.

We departed at about 7.30am from Perlis. The road trip was smooth from Perlis to Alor Setar but rather congested at the Alor Setar-Gurun route as there were many lorries on the road. Finally, we arrived the foot of Gunung Jerai at about 9.15am.

^...We're here again for the second time v(^.^)v

The guys arrived earlier than us, and that poor Yujin's car's battery was dead. -____-

^...Jumper also cannot help...

While the guys were busy solving their problem, we took photographs at the signboard.

^Pose ok.

^I was trying to make the Yay Jump but Adik, the camera girl, was spoiling it -______-

^...and another spoilt yay jump. Sienness -______-

OK lah I wasn't mad at her anyway, we…

Maxis Broadband Overview (Updated)

Nothing is 100% perfect. Really. The highest percentage can be given to anything in this world can reach until 99.9292923747894082% only. Therefore, I would like to amend some statements I've made in my previous post about Maxis BB.

Well, like I said, nothing is perfect. Up until I wrote that particular overview about the BB, it worked awesomely good. It didn't disconnected out of sudden, it didn't slow down, it opened every single websites, and, it was able to do the e**le downloading thing (without me knowing though because out of sudden, it successfully dl-ed 2-3 episodes of 'The Mentalist' and the movie 'Horton hears a Who').

1-2 weeks after I wrote that overview, it started to show some symptoms to say that 'it is not that awesome anyway'. It became slow, sometimes it took a long time to load a website (some ordinary website only nuh) which sometimes would end up 'failed to open because takes too long to loading', sometimes it was unable…

If I am Ip Man master, I would …

^... fear my enemy with my ultimate flying kick and gruesome flying hair

^...,not just one, but flying kicking three enemies in the same time!

^...respect my enemy before resorting to fight (先礼后兵~~)

^...sharpen my Wing Chun skill with the invincible spear.

Last but not least,


^...not let the horses to bully me again :(


My favourite quotes in Ip Man:

And, of course, my most favourite:


I can't wait for Ip Man 2!! :) Check out to know how to win the Premiere passes of Ip Man 2!

If you are in bad mood, SWIM!

Emo vanished for now. Let's pray it will last longer.

Yesterday, I went swimming to clear my head and brain and mind and soul and whatsoever that bothers me.

For me, swimming is always a great way to rearrange messed-up stuffs inside me, mentally, physically and emotionally, something like defragment files on my gazillion neurons brain. It's a good sport too, since I haven't exercise at all lately, and since I haven't master the skill of correct breathing while jogging.

It ended up well, with my head lighter, my mind clearer, my soul serene-er, and my skin darker. -____- darn the weather!

Something I dislike about public swimming pool is that, it's public. It's not like swimming pools in condominiums or apartments that we can 'unintentionally' own the whole pool by ourselves, in one condition which is not disturbing other users too. However, public means no one cares about the swimmers (or, I should say, water-dipper-for-fun), as long as they wear appro…

Something's wrong

I knew it.

I thought everything is going to be fine and easy after March, after all deadlines met and after all the hassle and rushing stuff.

I really thought so.

Apparently, it's not.

I have this weird feeling of uneasiness, stressed out, absent mind, tremble etc etc. All of this are like huge stones tumbling down inside me. I didn't feel breathless, increasing heart beat or whatsoever though.

I thought going back hometown in the last weekend helped me to ease the 'bad' feeling away.

I really thought so.

I visited my paternal grandfather's and maternal grandmother's grave after so many years absent from the 清明 mission. I whispered my wishes to them, and I prayed from my family's health and my study.

I talked to mom slightly about what I'm going to do after this. She is supportive all the way long. She supports whatever decision I make, she supports whatever things I'm doing. I came back university with her supports and encouragement. I thought her spirit s…