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The Beginning

Today, my new chapter of life begins. The MSc/PhD life.

Last week, a friend being nice to 'warn' me about the risk of taking research on PhD. The reasons given were exactly my priority concern when I first consider taking the MSc by Research path. I kinda contradicted him and he was kinda felt offended.

Anyway, everyone was totally agree for me to make this decision, and here I am, in the cluster, the first day, not really sure what to do yet.

Bless me.

Toy Story 3

I love it!! The final of the sequel, it was such a great movie, great ending. The last part touched me so much, I cried in the cinema 'again'...

Andy: Thanks, guys.

Woody: So long.... Partner.

I personally excited about Totoro's appearance in the movie, I squeezed my sister's arm out of excitement! Haha!

Well, as much as I like Toy Story, it literally tells my own story too. Here is my "Toy Story". =)

Since young, I always imagine that toys can actually talk, to each other obviously, when the owner is not with them or sleeping, just like Woody and the gang in the movie. Even my those baby pillows can talk!

I still do now, just not that hysterical.

So, everytime I went to sleep, I tried my best to hug all the plushies toys to sleep together, and those which out of reach and no extra hug space to squeeze in, I'd at least 'touch' them with my toe, ankle, knee, elbow, fingers etc. (I used to own 4-5 small and medium-sized plushies and put all of them on bed)…

Movies I watched

1. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

"I am Nanny McPhee, small c, big P."
"when you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go"
"the person you need is Nanny McPhee."

It is quite an entertaining movie, and a little funny here and there. It's like watching Mary Poppins, but with an ugly nanny, 2 spoiled city kids, 3 active country kids, and one mother.

The cutest part for me would be the bed time, when the kids wished they would rather sleep with cow, goat and pig (correct me if I'm wrong) than share their bed with the city kids, and the animals going up stairs. However, the piglet's synchronized swimming was a little too CGI.

One thing that was not 交代清楚 in the movie was why did Nanny McPhee need to teach 5 lessons to the kids, and why did the ugly part of her face disappear when one lesson was taught. The almighty Wikipedia came for rescue!!

Nanny McPhee's five lessonsIn addition to emp…

The Abduction of CoCo Lim

^She's back.
FYI, she is not sick. She likes to sleep by the drain and act sympathy.

She was missing few days ago, and this is the news.

If there's a phrase to talk about her in our family, that would be '来去自如' come and go freely.

We never chain her, never lock her in, she can come and go whenever she likes, even with closed gate, as she always slip through the tiny hole at the lower side of the gate.

Besides her own house (our house la), she likes to spend her luxurious time at our neighbor's house, where they also welcome her with open arms.

The thing is, she spends too much time there, and the neighbor adores her too.

Here comes the problem. After dad and I came back from KL last Monday, we didn't see any sign or shadow of CoCo to come and greet her (which she usually did).

OK, fine. Mecok liao...

Then day two, day three.... She wasn't at anywhere. Dad and I freaked out. Mum was calm because she positively sure CoCo was somewhere around the neighborhood derak (me…














Muhibah Cake House Promotion Day

Today is the day =) Yum yum!

Muhibah Cake House is biggest cake house and bakery shop in Kota Bharu, or so I thought. Every year, they will have this kind of promotion day, 3-4 times annually. During this day, the selected cakes will be on a huge sale where most of the people gone crazy about!

^The yum tum variety of cakes!!

And, since I'm at home now, mum agreed to buy some (got people to sapu the sampah...).


Left - Tiramisu Deluxe; Right - German Blackforest; Middle - Cheese cake

Anyway, I was a little regret to choose these cakes though. The tiramisu is too sweet, the cheese cake is not cheesy enough, the blackforest is slightly better than other two.

Should have take the fruit cake instead! -___-

Sigh, gain more weight liao :(

BHPetrol RaceAce3 Challenge Final

Went to The Curve last weekend for this event:

Actually, all I did was taking a picture with the race ace board at the BHP station and Tino Lim did the rest, which was making us the top ten winner of the particular week.

Each week, BHP would select the top ten winners and this went on for the following ten weeks. The top ten winners of each week stand a chance to compete in the grand final.

The initial finalist competition was racing in go-kart circuit, but maybe because of budget problem, it ended up competing in the virtual racing track, which was less shiok. :(

Out of 100 finalists, 47 attended. And as we thought it might take lesser time for everything, they tend to drag it. -___-

My dad, me, Tino and her BF happened to be in the same team in the first round. Anyway, we were not competing with each other but to beat our own best time.

^Us getting ready

^"Uncle, you just need to steer the steering wheel and use the accelerator and brake. Don't push any button or else you'll b…