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A Son and A Daughter

Before anything, it's not what you think. I'm not married, and of course, I'm definitely not pregnant yet. Relax...

As you might know, my house has a pet dog named CoCo. She is a cool dog, 很典型的我行我素大家姐.

She plays nice, she is not active (maybe because of her age), she never begs for food, she lets the cats have her meal first. She knows the right time and the right way to grab our attention, especially when she needs shelter and protection.

She doesn't care much about her surrounding when she's safe. Dad says, however, she goes out to the street in midnight.

Anyway, when BiBi, the new house pet comes along, it is a whole new chapter of story.

As a mischievous little puppy, he is hyper active, he bites things, he runs around, he creates chaos and mess, and thank goodness he responds very well to our call.

^OMG... It's like rubbish dump...

^being punished because he destroyed dad's shoe

^Having fun with his new toy

^Uber cuteness overload sleepy face

As per title, there…

After Trip

1. Mom wasn't really satisfied with the number of purchase of the documentary books in promotion, so we went back to the book fest the second time on the next day.

That day was a lot less people than the previous day. We have our sweet time luring around the halls for our books.

^Second trip, total RM300++ & almost RM2k for the computerized dictionary
feel quite speechless that a Master student will be using it -_____-

^My collection :)

Besides that, I have completed a project too.


The project started at January, it took a little long time to finish this, and the outcome is a good one. Anyone interested to buy if I sell it at RM20? Hehe...

With the completion of the project, I will soon start another project. A BIG one.


I can't promise how long can complete this, as it is one-meter-long project. Plus the owner of this project wants me to send this to her with me, means I will be going to Brisbane for this project, so.... Just wait and see lah :p

Raya Weekend Getaway (2) - Pulau Ketam

Tino has a puppy named white-white. Probably a mixed Dalmation since she has black dots on her white body.

During Raya, no one was home to take care of her meal. So tino brought her to PJ.

^She is one super duper hyper active dog.

^so, sometimes, need to 'strangle' her

^witnessed a road accident on the way from Setapak to PJ

Despite her hyper active behavior, she knows how to put on an uber cute face too.


Well, she kinda deserved it lah coz she 'destroyed' a sandal of one of the housemates. -___-


Back to the story!

The other day, SNK brought us to Pulau Ketam, which initially was the plan, then changed to other place, then changed back to the original plan.

Our first stop was Klang BKT at Klang obviously! Duh~

This BKT restaurant could be one of the famous in Klang, I didn't ask for verification, but the number of people flooding the place was a solid proof.

As per compared to another BKT restaurant right opposite of it...

^which was quite kesian的感觉....

As we…

Raya Weekend Getaway (1)

We went to KL on the Raya holiday for a serene weekend getaway and to avoid the uber traffic flowing into KB.

Just look at the traffic going to KB lah!!

We have a good reason to run away from home leh...

By the time we arrived KL, it's just about time to pick tino up from her work place, and headed to Chao Yang pasar malam for some dinner shopping!

Oh goodness I miss the 豆花汤圆 so mucheee!!!! :)

^So the party begins....

^Look at the foooood
mom said it looks like trash

^The 'Uber FULL' look

Later that night, the parents rest at home and we the youngsters went for a movie, 老牛与嫩草.


The next day aka the first day of Raya, we went to KLCC 5th International Book Fest as planned. Things got a little sour when looking for parking, but books make everyone's heart melt. Haha!

If you wonder where did every Chinese go during these day, here they are!

So clever of me, I didn't take any pictures showing the Bookfest's title. -___-

The entrance fee is RM2 per person and we were g…