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*Add On UpDates*

p/s: the line here is still very the teruk, so sorry for making my entry more boring without pictures >.<

Oh yeah! i left out the most important information about my uni..

To be frank, my unis compound is *HUGE*!


Well, the uni's campus(es) are actually all over Perlis~~~* (YES, it's very the true)

Put the campus and lecture halls and offices aside first.. Even our hostels are located at various places too~

My hostel is at some place called Kampung Wai. It's actually a one-storey 排屋 housing estate, but bcoz it is located right NEXT to kawasan pelupusan sampah (yes, it jz beside our hostel, but luckily not smelly at all), so the houses here not laku, then the uni bought it up to make it our hostel.
The hostel is something like the picture shown here, but they locked our gates to prevent we park our car in front of our house >.< (coz my neighbour did that, and kena saman) Luckily my house is near the back gate, so we don hv to go one BIG round just to enter our hou…

*Uni's Life*

After silent for quite some time, finally, i'm back! =) (jz wondering if anyone would miss me.. *hmm* haha!!)

Ermm... Where should i start first?

Ok la, from the very beginning la.. Drove to Perlis from PeeJay with my parents on 30th June, it was very the hot all along the journey.. *Gosh*.. i finally realise how 辛苦 my OhNee is when he made his trip to-fro kedah-KL.. =(

Kangar (the HQ daerah of Perlis) is almost alike Tanah Merah or Machang or Miri, the difference is that Machang might be abit busy-er compare to Kangar.. I found something cute and weird too here:
<<< as u can see at the traffic light, there's one big one on top of it, and another smaller one under it.. Until now, i still cant figure out y they add on that tiny traffic light there.. Can found it at the traffic lights nearby Hospital Kangar area..

Then the registration, this and that and etc etc.. Quite a draggy one so i don think i gonna talk so much about it.. Anyway, that time, here was very the damn hot…