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*tough hash cycling ride*

Woh... This ride is much much more tougher than the one i did at Sepang months ago.. *sweat* Anyway, it's fun too! =p
This ride took place at a place called serendah, somewhere near rawang.. There's one waterfall recreation park there (Not sure the name)
As usual lar, the hash ride is divided to two rides: Short and Long one.. So since i did a good job on my first ride, they encouraged me to go for the long ride again.. But this time, with more cautious advices, coz they said the road is very the steep and not very easy to ride..
And YES! the road is damn steep... At the beginning of the ride, GOSH!!! so steep, and we had to push our bike up almost the whole going uphill session! *sweat* And.. hmm... i think its about 10km of pushing uphill *slap forehead* So along the way up, could hear alot of cursing and four-letter-word shouting among the riders... One of the organisers drove their truck up to the almost top-est part of the hill to distribute 100plus.. *thank goodness*!!


Suddenly feels like updating a purely pictures post ;)

AGAIN!!! *haha* my injured ear--->>

Stitched ear--->>

On the plane going Miri.. the view was very damn nice! --->>>

Most of the scenic photos below were taken when I hanged around at ParkCity Hotel, Miri..


More trees--->>>

<<<--- an angmo lady is sun-bathing.. *drool*

<<--- i'm not sure what building is that.. The tall thing at the right-est side is kinda-lighthouse-look-alike

<<<--- wooden garuda boat by the pool side

<< another angle of the garuda

<<---Miri Airport

LAST one! the 7 car guardian:

Miri one day trip

Went to Miri last wednesday for AED+ training with Benjamin.. (My first trip going across South China Sea) Frank, the trip was boring and tired! *slap forehead* Just imagine if you take a flight at 0725 (means you have to be at the airport at 0630), and come back same day at 1900~ yes, it's tiring...

The first impression when i reached there was:"wow... just like kaybee.."; then later on when the taxi started to drive into the town:"wow... just like tanah merah"; when went around the town, there's one place that made me think:"wow.. just like kuantan.."

Anyway, Miri is a small town with quite complicating roads (almost the same as kaybee's road: close big roads, open small roads..)

The training took around 3 hours to finish (1100 til 1400), had a simple lunch, and both Benjamin and I were 'abandoned' at the hotel where our customers were staying coz our flight was at 7pm.. (p/s: WiFi is provided in that hotel, so... >.< )

I didn'…


p/s: Finally!! the blogger 'allows' me to sign in and write something here edi.. *thumbs* It was quite a miserable moments when i need to tell some stories (especially if there was pictures provided to spice the story up) in frinedster's blog, coz i just cant upload the pictures!! what the hell.. >.<
SO, after the permission from that fella, i am 'allowed' to write something about him. Have anyone heard of '' before? Yes, it IS a match-making website that people pays money for the web and look for their soulmates via online. They (the website) strictly control what you write in your profile; if they find anything besides your own thingy (such as emails, any phone numbers etc..) appear in your profile, they wont approve it; you can receive emails from other people, but you can only read it when you pay them.. -_- ... ... ... anyway! This fella paid about RM300 (bcoz his friend said that '要认识新朋友的话,要给钱的'.. so..) He innocently became some…