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This is the kind of feeling I get almost 365 days a year and the feeling just getting stronger and stronger during exam weeks.

So, during this period of time, instead of some meaningful or juicy posts (did I ever write anything juicy b4?? DUH~), I only able to post this kind of short, sial posts...

Tomorrow Keusahawanan at 9am, and I still didn't start to read anything yet... *~Cheers~*

Talak boleh tidoz~~~

Tomorrow.... eih!!! *Ahem* This morning 9am will sit for Instrumentation paper, but yet I can't fall asleep~ Deng~

Even last night, after I realised that I might be giving away my 12marks in Maths paper (IF Mr Lim is not giving any tong qing marks at all), I still can straight away bumping on my bed, yelled and screamed in the pillow and kicking and fatlanjar-ing awhile, and then ZzzzzZzzZZzzz~~~*

BUT now, I can't sleep... =(



这些事情,见仁见智.... 它是,而不是



凡是将心比心,常站在别人的立场想,偶尔也要自私一下,疼自己多一点... 牵了手,也许会发生一些事情让你想放手,也可能会因为某些事情而让你紧紧不肯放,只要觉得是对自己最好的,就做出明智的选择...


This is a very and can consider the crueliest fact that I've ever heard.

Click on the link for details:
Animal Cruelty - Art Gone Too Far

This is a real thing. The artist caught the stray dog on the street, named it Natividad, and tied it at his art gallery, and STARVING THE DOG TO DEATH!!

.... ... ... ... ... speechless ... ... ... ...

If you are reading this and very kek sim with his act, please sign the petition to stop him

Farewell, DQ3768

Talked to my parents on the phone last saturday after TKD (oh! btw, I passed my grading! Yiepie!! Not yet officially blue stripe until I get the cert and the stripe on!.... Next semester.. Duh~), and my mum told me that DQ3768 was stolen... ... ...


DQ3768 is my grandparents' official car, and we (ermm... I'm not sure about others but I am) are recognising the house by our own instinct (been to-fro the house for countless years), the car and the house itself (so all of us thought we bumped into the wrong house during CNY coz the house was painted in different theme of colors).

According to my mum, AhFai, my cousin, drove the car to Sri Cemerlang for a yamcha session, when he was to get back home, the car was eventually missing. To his surprise, he didn't park the car at any dark spot or corners, AND, come on lah~, the car is... ermm... about20-30 years old!! I think the car is older than I am. SHIT! StoOpid thief(s)! How dare you stole the Tan f…


Finally!!! First paper was over!!!!!!!!! ScReaMmMmMmmmMMmMMm!!1!!1111!!!oneone!!1!!

Micro-p can consider the most complicated and mind-bending paper of all the papers I took this sem, so once It was done, I'm so shiok and excited! TeeHEe~

Next: MATH! Hope I can score this one, my one-and-only-to-ensure-to-get-an-A subject

Gaining fat Nee

Get the same comments from few friends:
"Nee/Ms Lim, You look fat jor..."

Wakakakka! Izzit?? Really?

Anyway, looking chubby on the face/head is still acceptable (U guys said I look cute-r when I look chubby, prove u guys are right plsss), BUT having my own small michelin is a BIG NO-NO!! >.<

Sometimes even when I stand up, the layer of michelin is so visible!


ArgHhHHhh! I don't have sexy waist line/S-line jor...

(ps from any anonymous who beh tahan with the statement:"Who ever tell you that you have S-line?? Shiok Sendiri SiKongBeng kiddo!!")

Study Week Trauma

My first paper is within few days time (this coming Monday), and I definitely sure that I'm not fully prepared for it. By 'fully' I mean something like not even 50-60%. alamak~*

EKT222 (our subject's code) Microprocessor System is not really my cup of tea. It's still ok to understand the instruction set, to remember the kakis of those ICs, to memorize the memory system, machine cycles, the buses etc... BUT when it comes to writing an assembly programme, I'm so totally surrender. While studying for this subject for the past few days, I yelled and screamed and shouted almost every night to release tension. *JIALAT*

Luckily this is the first paper, so it makes all those papers after that abit more relaxing...

Anyway, every paper seems to be relaxing to me... Wakakak~*

I admit I am totally an extremely super-duperly lazy person. My housemates aka coursemates studying day-and-night nonstop, while I study depends on mood, whether shiok or not the wind to study...

That ki…

Sukan Inter College (SIC) 2008

I joined badminton of Sukan Inter College (SIC) last saturday. One word - SHIOK!

It's been almost a year since my last badminton game - ever since I entered Uni. Luckily the skills didn't leave me behind, I'm still going headstrong. Wakakkakakak!

The game is held at SK Seberang Ramai, near my hostel. Oh, btw, SIC means we fight between kolej kediamans (fyi UniMAP has about 8 hostels throughout Perlis). Our team is combination of KKB and KKE, another hostel at Kuala Perlis as well.

The courts are quite nice, the light is nice, the floor is nice, the ventilation is nice (Is it any ventilation?? not sure =p), etc..

I joined woman single and mixed double categories. This kind of activities are where the uni coaches do their selection for new players, and I'm glad the manager asked for my name and contact. Wakakakkakak!

My team mates' ga chang


I eventually won all the categories that I took part, most of the reason is because my opponents are quite easy to defeat(…

Nasi Ganja

I now introduce U, *NASI GANJA*

Sorry about the color. The lighting is bad and my phone camera is not-so-good quality as well.

The name 'nasi ganja' is actually named by us students but not the boss himself. This name is given as their effect is closely akin:
*belum cuba belum mau
sekali cuba hari-hari mau*

It is almost the same as nasi kandar, except the lauk is not as much as the original nasi kandar - only chicken/daging. The rice is orange color. The unresistable part is the kuah (I think), coz it wont be too spicy, not too salty, not too weird, those kind of kuah that wont make you feel muak or 腻 if you know what i'm saying... It is available at the roadside at Jalan Serawak, Kuala Perlis.

And the fastastic part is - It costs RM2 per packet! The portion is not too much nor too little, just nice for a big appetite like me, plus self-bancuh drink and self-potong fruits.

Random pictar time:

Final countdown... begins...

Tao gathering updated version

p/s: JuJu said I'm so lame to post all those lame thingy (eg the water tumbler etc) in my blog. Well, on my opinion, I don't think I have many fans or readers (maybe I do but I donno about that, sorry to all my blog's readers and fans~) (Aiyerr... So thick-face... beh kien siao), so... WHO CARES. I shiok U shiok lo~

The day is so hot, I cant concentrate in studying (LAME EXCUSE!!), So I ended up spamming and completing this blog entry...

Few photos to show about the gathering:


Our last dessert: The donno-what-flavour ice cream.
Genius AhChuan ordered two cups for everyone >.< Jilakat

Wondering why is AhNee so grumpy?

Kena bully I think
By who?
By food

Dragon diam-diam snapped this pictar...

We ate sepuas-puasnyer, ShaLong ordered sepuas-puasnyer and I stuffed myself with ALOT of food sepuas-puasnyer... "LUCKILY" YuJin, who sat left front of me, keep kiap-ing foods into my plate... Because according to him, I'm goddess of food, OR to be more …


Tao "道" gathering at autocity
I didn't balik kampung for cheng beng, instead I joined the north Malaysia zhung wen thread's gathering at Tao 道 at Auto-City.

After keusahawanan class at 5pm, I drove and arrived at SP at around 7pm++. Waited AhChuan at SP utara toll exit and followed his car to BBmoi's house. Then tumpang his car to Autocity and arrived around 8pm++.

It's a very EVIL gathering as we ate alot ALOT ALOT of stuffs. By 'alot', it means really VERY VERY MUCH!! My goodness... I think I've eaten three days meals in one night..

It is a ala-carte japanese buffet, costs RM55 (tax included) per person. It serves all sorts of japanese foods: sushi, unagi etc etc etc (I don't know all those japanese food's name.. paiseh~)

Pictures will be uploaded once I receive them.

Kejohanan Taekwondo WTF 2008 at UUM

This tournament is held at UUM Sintok on 5th (Saturday). It is supposed to be a two-day tournament, but because of the less number of partic…


今天的Instrumentation Lab很好玩,今天玩ECG


由于我跟PeiSia比较早进Lab,看到En Yusoff (Biomedic最好看的教授 ) 和Abang Razif在帮En Nasrul量血压... 三八的我就凑向前三八一下... 他们用着的应该是新进来的仪器...

量 着时,荧幕显示出很高的一组数字... 145/108! 很高啊!量完后En Yusoff就告诉En Nasrul: "Rul, aku rasa ko baik gi hospital check jap tengok camne~ tinggi tu siut~!!" 然后我就插嘴: "Ni mesti sebab tadi dia masuk kelas kita... tension kot~~" 然后全部人就笑了

然后我就尝试说服En Yusoff量一下我的血压,成功了!我这个色鬼~ 哈哈!


ECG是个用来量和显示我们心跳活动的仪器... 是个可以测试出myocardial infarction的冬冬...

这位是Luqman弟弟,上个学期的lathe和milling我和他一组,是个很好的伙伴 被摆上床当白老鼠...

Random pictar time: