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Hon's Surprise Visit to the North

Two weekends ago Hon paid a surprise visit to the North. I wasn't expecting him to come at all and he said he already gave me hint the night before by asking me "Any activity tomorrow evening?" Dude that is like routine question how am I suppose to tell from that!?!

When he called and asked me to look outside my lab, I 心花怒放 immediately :)))

Too bad for him lah when he asked the night before I didn't decide to do anything, but I suddenly inspired to go for a hill climbing, so he had to tag along.

I have been sick for more than a week now, nothing serious but fever and occasional running nose and coughing with sputum (suspected dengue but the fever lasted for only 1 night and 1 day thank goodness). I hate getting sick especially after I haven't been sick for such a long time, when I got sick it is really bad. My body aches, feeling really really tired and exhausted, luckily no headache and stuff but the fact that I don't feel well simply sucks max!

Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup UniMAP 2014

Yesterday, I joined a badminton tournament organized by Miss Siew Ching. She generally (and I think literally) is in-charge of all sports related activities in UniMAP, and it's only a handful of Chinese staff so yeah, people knows her haha.

Two weeks ago, Mogan, a friend's friend who now joins our Wed badminton session which makes him my friend, contacted me and informed me about this tournament. I was told there might be a prize for the winner wubwub! There's only two categories: men and women double, so if I wanna join I have to find myself a partner.

Now THAT's a problem. If it is to find a guy partner for mixed double, I have so many I need to think of excuses to say 'no' to some without hurting their feeling (sangat perasan I am... pardon me); but if it is to find a girl partner for women double, oh gosh I really need connection coz it's just so hard to find a sporty girl around here!!! How comes you girls no like sweating one!??!

Luckily, not really l…

Dating Day (Non-Halal)

This post is sooooo long overdue but I still wanna write about it.

Hon and I had a dating day some Saturdays ago. The first half was only us and the second half was with his friends.

Both of us were being really healthy, slept before 11 and woke up at 7! That didn't include cuddling time though haha!
We started the day early by having breakfast at Yut Kee. It kinda surprises me that we had to get there so early 'so that we don't have to queue' said Hon. 
Apparently Yut Kee is one very very famous restaurant in the heart of KL that you can expect a queue EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, especially (not sure if there's an 'especially' though coz it sounds like there's a line forming every day) during lunch hour on weekdays. 
We arrived around 8.30am and the tables were almost full!! Hon said the new shop (Jalan Kamunting) has more tables than the old lot, but it just means the queue gets shorter perhaps? LOL. In such famous and crowded place, 'dap toi' or share …

Cycling in the Morning

Despite the saddle sore from yesterday's 35km ride, I went out this morning for a ride, and sort of mapped my routine route.

I've been a healthy baby lately as I sleep at 11-ish and wake up at 7-ish. Can't even sleep later than that because my eyes simply cannot tahan! So I decided not to waste the morning sunshine and go for a ride.

I do plan for a ride though so no reluctant feeling at all.

It was such a bliss!!

Cooking with Microwave - I burnt the Potato!

Lately I've been very enthusiastically excited about cooking with microwave, partly because Hon bought me the microwave rice cooker ware that I've been wanted for some time.

Microwave is not the kitchen essential in Malaysia, or at least that's what I see/hear. Most people don't have microwave in their house, or if they do have, they don't/dislike use it. Microwave is not really a culture in our country. I have hard time finding the microwave safe dish because they don't have it everywhere.

Mom run-away-from-home Weekend Getaway to Perlis

Mom visits me over the weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Initially she wanted to go KL during Raya Haji, which at that time both me and er jie were there too, and it's my birthday weekend too. The plan cancelled. When I asked her about it she said:"I don't know how to explain to you also", OK lah...

This weekend was kinda like a long weekend too, so I told dad about family trip to the North, then it got a little susah because of the baby, then I got fed up and told mom, "You see, actually I plan to get you our from home lah, you know like when you couldn't go to KL few weeks back? So this time run away from home and come lah!" and she was like "OK I understand liao I know what to do" hahaha!!

She came over on Friday morning (arrived) by bus. We spent whole day in the house, went out only to makan and walk-walk in C-mart. My housemates are not around as they gone to Beijing for 12 days, so I have the whole house for myself.

She took with her my Watso…

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag

That means 'much love for your birthday' in German.
I'm picking up my long lost German language using Duolingo App, and it is so damn awesome!! I'm currently in 15 days streak now, supposed to be more lah but one day the Internet was horrible and I skipped a day hence lost the streak -_-

We did not talk about my birthday plan at all, because when I asked once some time ago, Hon just said:"Do what? We just go out eat and back home sleep loh. What else to do leh?" So i got sien and lazy to even mention it anymore.

Of course he doesn't mean it lah (even my besties back him up nah...) but when he said it like that it means no point asking also die die he wouldn't tell.
On Thurs night and Fri morning, I was upset about something trifle and I couldn't get over it, so upset I nearly cried on several occasions. 'Nearly' because I die die hold my tears don't let it drop LOL. Nothing biggie lah but word hurts and I was emotional and sensitive tho…

Foldie Ride at Perlis: Ridin' in the Rain aka Curse the Rain

I had a bike ride with Wei Xiong two weekends ago, and it's RAINING MEN!!!

Too bad, nope, not a single man fall down from the sky... it's pebble sized raindrops, lots of 'em.

Perlis has been raining for so many days, it started during the time I was away to Phuket and KL, continued raining until the 16th which I cursed the sun that day, and been so hot for the week until Saturday. I went to a Zumba party thingy in SP as Theresa's backup on Saturday night and had planned for a cycling outing on the next day, plotting the route already!! Envious!

Came Sunday, we started our ride on 8am. Since WX was busy for the past few weeks and hadn't do any exercises, I plotted a easier route for us, eliminated two flyover climbing.

When we were on Jalan Santan going towards Beseri, the clouds came. I noticed, kept quiet, shush WX when he mentioned about the clouds, but the sky just didn't love me much. It started drizzling...

宏妮小游: 普吉岛 之 五天四夜也还好啊(三)


原本以为想把全部东西挤在两篇就好,可是我太啰嗦了 -___-


正当我们都以为这一天就要回家了的时候... ... ... ... ...


早上起来后洗着澡,浴室外那个胖子突然大叫一声吓倒我!!!话说,胖子宏是淡定哥一位,这样的惊吓这是第一次,很不寻常。我紧张了,对他喊问什么事情,他缓缓地把头从看着笔电抬起来,缓缓地说:“我要check in回程的,一直check in不到,以为AA(亚航)网站又有问题了,原来hor... ... ... Erm... ... 如果我跟你讲我们其实是明天才回,你会怎样?”


老实说,我呆住了大概一分钟吧... ... 都已经整理好了,收拾行李心情要走了,然后他来跟我讲这个!?我还以为糊涂是我的责任呢,没想到他也糊涂了!!哈哈!他自己也吓到了,一直讲:“怎么回事!?我真的一直都以为是今天回啊!!!”


话说,我从头到尾都没有看过那张机票 itinerary,因为某人死死要守着这个秘密嘛,所以所有的一切都是交给他安排,倒没想到会摆出这种乌龙来。。。

可是,事实就是事实,笑笑接受吧~~好家在宏有所准备 - 就是带多一点钱来换啦 =D 要多租一天机车和加一晚旅馆,还要去换巴士票。现在你知道了为什么那时我们只拿了三晚而不是四晚。

醒得很早,早上八点,我俩身上只有 530B,人家货币兑换柜台都还没开。到 Family Mart 吃早餐(真是大爱泰国的7/11和Family Mart啊!!马来西亚的便利商店什么时候才会进步!?),到巴东沙滩玩耍,等待时间到 - 大多数的店面都是九点开门营业。


宏妮小游: 普吉岛 之 五天四夜也还好啊(二)




到过的地方:Karon Beach 卡伦海滩,Kata Beach 卡塔海滩,Kata Viewpoint 卡塔观景点,和 Phromthep Cape 神仙半岛。


在巴东一带,有好多家大店小店出租机车,价位在 150B - 300B 不等,有好几款机车可供挑选。这天,一大早的,八点早上,我们到旅馆附近的一间小店租机车。前一晚,宏跟这家店敲定了价,一天 200B,而且他们跟你要护照或其他合法证件作‘抵押’。有问到一间比较便宜,150B,可是她一定要护照作抵押,所以就作罢,宁可花多一点钱也不想冒那种险。上早班的‘哥哥’很耐斯很亲切。


托了Endomondo App的福,得以在Google Map上记上路线:

宏妮小游: 普吉岛 之 五天四夜也还好啊(一)



这篇稿里,除了飞机票,其他讲到钱的后面写着的‘B’指的是泰珠,时间是当地时间+7 Hour,比马来西亚快一个小时。

宏是在二月时在Paradigm Mall举行的亚航旅游展买的飞机票,两个人RM600。排了差不多两个小时的队才买到的啊!!
他死死不要讲去哪里,所谓的surprise,还问我:“如果跟你讲是去合艾 Hatyai,你会生气吗?”
我是没问题啦,愿意随他到天涯海角去,只是会被玻璃市的朋友笑死,因为从这里去只需两个小时就到了,我还要长途跋涉地飞去KL再飞去合艾再飞回KL又飞回玻璃市的,很傻 LOL!

飞到吉隆坡后,第一件事就是前往KL Fahrenheit 88找慧萍,因为要去玩没办法参加她隔天的婚宴,算是补偿啦~

前往普吉岛的航班是 7:25 早上,坐五点的巴士从1U去飞机场。出门时发现到视线朦朦地,原来是忘了戴眼镜啊!赶紧跑进房间找,找来找去都找不到,眼看时间快迟了,来不及穿contacts,只好硬着头皮眼蒙蒙地出门去了!视线倒是不会像有些人酱没戴眼镜几乎就是盲了的状况,只是超级没有安全感,死死牵着他的手不放,直到进入departure hall才快快去戴contacts。


- 住宿 Patong Station House
- 江西冷,班赞,Patong Promenade,Bangla Road
- 吃 Wine Connection, Drink & Food Festival

- 皇帝岛 + 珊瑚岛 出海记

- 机车自驾游
- 卡伦,卡塔,神仙半岛 Laem Phromthep
- 吃 巴东-缅甸吃店,卡塔-Lobster & Prawn

- 机车自驾游
- 普吉镇,查龙庙,Rawai
- 吃 船面,Sea Gypsea

开支:两个人 RM1500
住宿 2800B; 机车 400B + 油 220B; 出海配套 800B x…

Curse the Sun

I woke up this morning to see sun shining outside my window and I cursed It.

Must use 'It' with capital 'I' because the sun is so darn BIG.

Is it bad? I mean to curse the sun.

I was planning to cycling since Saturday, and Perlis has been raining since the week before, so I had to cancel and postpone my cycling plan.

Then, I thought about Tuesday, which is a public holiday - Malaysia Day.

Then it's been raining and raining, so I didn't put much hope lah.

Then, this morning, I woke up, saw sunshine outside, and I growled and cursed it!

I didn't want to go out for a short ride because the preparation to go for a ride is tedious, with the bike pants and baju and sunscreen and stuff, so it had to be 20km and above, but I woke up kinda late and it was too late for a long ride.

Sigh.... Y u do this to me my dear Sun!!

Phuket 2014: Day 5 - The End + Humble Tips

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Since our promised motorbike return time was 9.00am, we set a plan a night before that we wanted to have the last dip in Kata Beach, as early as 6am, and so we did!

It was so early, the traffic flow was scarce. Karon and Kata Town were completely empty in fact! It was fun having a morning dip in the wide ocean, and the water wasn't cold if you are wondering.

It was a short trip, so we got out half an hour later, took a shower at Club Med entrance*, and went back to hotel.

*Club Med Phuket has a shower head at the entrance, the one we used on Day 3, Hon completely ignored the guards who were calling for us and I felt slightly ashamed about it. So, this time, I asked Hon to at least ask the guards properly and politely to use the shower, he did, and well, the guards immediately say OK. Hon assume…

Phuket 2014: Day 4 - Motorbike Ride (Phuket Town, Rawai)

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Just when we thought we're going back this day... ... ...

The reason why we ate so lavishly the night before

When I was taking the morning shower, Hon suddenly yelped so loud it shocked me! He is a very calm man so that was very unusual. I asked him what's going on, and he slowly looked up from his laptop, and said "I wanted to check in our flight, was frustrated and wondering why the hell they don't let me check in, and... ... ... actually our flight back is TOMORROW!!!"

0.o    0.o    0.o    0.o    0.o

I was stunned for a good minute. I was already packed, my luggage and my heart to be ready to go back, and he told me this!? This is so NOT him to be so 糊涂 blunder! Blunder and clumsy and absent-minded are supposed to be my department!! LOL! He was like "What happen leh?? I…

Phuket 2014: Day 3 - Motorbike Ride (Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape)

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Motorbike ride around Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Viewpoint and Phromthep Cape aka Laem Phromthep in Thai.

A little Google Map routing to show where I've been:

I have no any other idea of how to map a route. I mean like recording the route as we are going on the road, we know where we want to go but we (sort of) not using GPS and just wanna know how we go there... if you get/don't get what I mean. So, I use the only way I know, using Endomondo to map it, then use Google Maps to draw back where I've been haha! If you know how to do it (mapping route) using Google Maps or GPS or whatever, please share with me!!

Phuket 2014: Day 2 - Raya Island & Coral Island Hopping

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Day 2:

Island Hopping Day!!

The packed we booked was under a company called Raya Princess Tour. The price was originally 2,200B and there's a 50% - 70% discount during low season, so I highly recommended visiting the Thailand islands during low seasons! Everything (except food) is so cheap!

The minivan picked us up from the hotel at 8.00am, and we were brought to a 'gathering point' at Chalong Bay. Coffee and tea were free! Each of us were given colored sticker for grouping purposes. We were in orange team. Soon the tour guides arrived, called out the sticker color, and we were led by the guide to the pier. Our guide of the day is Pi (or Bi).

Same as in Koh Lipe, had to walk through the sea to board the boat. Before play water leg already wet.

The first stop was Coral Island, 10min from …

Phuket 2014: Day 1 - Patong Exploration

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

Day 1:

Thanks to the missing glasses I got to be sui sui (pretty) on this trip haha!

Our flight was scheduled at 7.25am, landed at 7.30am local time (flew for 5 min hahaha!), hopped on the bus at 8.00am, arrived Patong at 9.30am, found and decided our accommodation at 11.00am. After settled down and rested, it's already 2.30pm! We quickly went out to explore the place.

Our first local meal in Phuket, and it just had to be a very expensive noodle.

60B per bowl!!! Summore the portion of the sprouts were more than the noodle!!

5D4N Phuket 2014 - Before Fly, Transport, Stay

Part 1: Flight, transport, stay; Part 2: Patong Explore; Part 3: Raya Island and Coral Island hopping; Part 4: Karon, Kata, Phromthep Cape; Part 5: Phuket Town, Rawai Beach, Part 6: The End

The Phuket trip posts are divided into few sub-categories coz I'm very long-winded!! So many things to tell!!! (I just hope someone out there really cares about what I write heh)

Abbreviation: B = Baht; time stated in this Phuket trip posts is in GMT +7 hours.

Our itinerary:

Day 1:
- stay at Patong Station House, Patong
- Jungceylon Mall, Banzaan Fresh Market, Patong Promenade, Bangla Road
- Makan at Wine Connection, Drink & Food Festival

Day 2:
- Island hopping to Raya Island and Coral Island

Day 3: 
-Motorbike ride
- Karon, Kata, Laem Phromthep
- Makan at Myanmar local food, Lobster & Prawn Restaurant Kata

Day 4:
- Motorbike ride
- Phuket Town, Wat Chaithararam, Rawai Beach
- Makan at Boat Noodle, Sea Gypsea@Rawai

Day 5:
- Kata Beach
- Go Home

(General) Expenses: RM1500 aka ~15,000B for 2 pe…

折马趣 之 玻璃市绕圈圈2

话说,自Gua Kelam 55km骑折马到屁股大腿痛到不行后,我又一如往常地发神经了。


其实我也不是故意要演孤僻怪蓝 lone ranger 的啦。我当然很乐意有个骑车伙伴,可是我是那种一觉睡醒心情爽快就直接出门了,比如说我七点半醒,感觉很爽就出门骑车了,怎样约人??再说,周休二日早上七点半打电话叫人家出来骑脚车,会被咒/揍死吧。。。我有国门线(common sense)的咯好不~~

折马趣 之 玻璃市绕圈圈1

好废的题目!!哈哈!!可是我实在想不到还能怎么出题了 -_-

‘折马’ - 是折式铁马的简称,亦是折式脚踏车的意思。
‘趣’ - 当然是兴趣,乐趣的意思啦~



当时存粹想知道价钱,要姑姑帮忙问一下(因为她家开修理机车和零售机车零件店面,所以知道很多spare parts店和摩多脚车店等),结果,无声无息地,一辆折马就出现在家里了!
我们想要付她钱,可是一直耍太极地把钱推来又推去,最后姑姑竟然把钱包在红包里还给我们 -__- 所以由始至终没能知道到底是多少钱一辆。

Foldie Ride 24.55km at Perlis

Another solo ride on Sunday woohoo!!
LOL sounds like a weirdo loner with solitary soul haha! No lah, I am happy to have a bike ride buddy but I always spontaneously go out for a ride (or gym or whatever fitness related), I mean, if I suddenly feel shiok then I just go, for example if I wake up at 7.30am I got that mood I will just go, so it’s nearly impossible to jio people beforehand. Call people up on a Sunday morning at 7.30am for bicycle ride, siao ar!?

P/S: Haha found another similarity between me and Hon, this is his pattern on traveling.
I had a dinner gathering on Friday night which ended kinda late, so I slept in on Saturday (say only slept in, biological clock woke me up at 9am… KNS!).
On Saturday night, the sky was not reddish (reddish being one of the indicators of raining at night) but there's some lightning, so I thought it's gonna rain the next day and felt disappointed, but I still prepared my gear lah just in case. Fortunately, the weather loves me :) 

Foldie Ride 55.30km + 20.13km + 27.68km at Perlis

... and my pelvic bone hurts -_-

... as well as my thigh because of the super tight bicycle pants!

Last weekend, WH and me went for a crazy round of 55km (him 68km because my house was on the way and he had to come to my place which is another 10+km for him). We did a 38km few weekends ago and we aimed for a further route, up to Kaki Bukit and Gua Kelam on our next adventure.

And so we did!

九州小游 - Jeram Toi & The Shorea


几个周末前,宏有个两天一夜的聚会,是他们背包客栈‘协会’主办的,在森美兰州的The Shorea。


大概10.30am 我们抵达芙蓉,在姨婆老鼠粉店吃早午餐。

Negeri Sembilan - Jeram Toi & The Shorea

Last weekend, Hon had a BBKZ (bei bao ke zhan - Backpackers Club) gathering/staycation at The Shorea, Negeri Sembilan. One friend couldn't make it so I kinda took her place last minute. Yup, I wasn't involved in the first place, and I was a little regret of joining.

We reached Seremban at 10.30am and had our brunch at Yi Poh Restaurant (Jalan Seng Meng Lee, Seremban). 

Yi Poh Restaurant is famous of their lou shu fun (literal translate: rat noodle). So I ordered one.

< 24 Hours in Taiping

After I thought about it, yeah we stayed less than 24 hours in Taiping, but I love this place!

For so many times Hon told me he likes this place, small town, breathtaking sceneries, fresh air, he even thinks about staying here after retirement!

He has been telling me over and over about taking me to visit Taiping and stay at his favorite place - Sentosa Villa, and we finally did... ... ...

... ... ...the first one.

The resort was fully booked, and it had been so since the first time we discussed about coming here, about a month ago! So popular I'm not sure when do I have the chance to stay here.

Culture shock - I didn't know Taiping is Hokkien major! Feel kinda warm when I'm able to converse Hokkien with locals :)



我们入住太平湖边的 Flemington 酒店,RM178/晚,面向湖泊。

Mini Princess Peeling Foot Mask

THIS! Big time love!

Pandai, didn't take 'before' picture. And, warning, icky foot pictures ahead!

Foldie Ride 15.64km + 38.83km at Perlis

Should I take down the on leave notice? Sounds like a nonsense now since I write so many posts afterwards LOL!


It's kind of rare that I spend weekend at Perlis nowadays, and weekend is the only chance I get to use my foldie. Why not weekdays? 1) Weekdays need to wear long pants/jeans, cycling to lab will hot die; 2) big bag small bag, no place to put; 3) activities after lab hour...

Yikes! Only realized I never take any pictures of my foldie!! Sorry babe...

So, yesterday, I suddenly had this mood of wanting to cycle around town (maybe a little farther since I always cycle with my foldie for lunch and groceries shopping only, very near +-1 km distance nia, and I'm not sure if the foldie can tahan long distance... Too many concerns). And because I woke up early. And because I want to try the Endomondo app to see how it works. And because I don't want to test the app with running (Actually I did try the fitness test, but I had ankle cramp in 1km of running, sien max)…

The Incredible Pen

Prelude: Donno why, after I wrote the on leave notice, the more I want to write! Sei mou?? But everything gonna be very short lah, just for the sake of writing and get that writing idea out of my head.... Excuses excuses!! 

I want to talk about this particular pen.

Before I continue, let me ask you one thing: How long do you replace your pen/How long does your pen's ink last? 3 months? 6 months? 9 months the best?

Jasmine is in Town!

Oh yeah, before the on leave thing, Jas is back in town!! :)

For me, it should be a 'was' coz I only got to see her two nights, and this time, no K time! :( Sad max.

I had already the flight tic to KL that weekend when she messaged about her coming back to Malaysia. Thrilled with excitement!!

We had a girls' night and chit chat whole night long after Jas tucked K in bed, had to excuse herself few times as K woke up in the middle of her sleep for her mom. We had such a crazy chatty night, let all our skeletons out of the closet, and dammit now I'm afraid they gonna blackmail me someday for my past!!

LOL kidding :p

We had another gathering the next day with the BFs (except Rui, his turn to babysit) at Sunway's Station One as Jas was staying at the Sunway Resort. Catching up with the boys were fun!

Oh dear I miss you already Jas oi!!

'On Leave' Notice

I hope someone out there is concern about my blog, and if there is, here's an announcement for you...
I need to take a break on my blog for now, as I have my PhD research to focus on. 
Had a 'hati ke hati' discussion with my supervisor, and, he, as kind and gentle as usual, earnestly urging and advising me to seriously focus on my project and not to waste any more time. I admit I have wasted almost 2 years during this lonely postgraduate journey and it really needs to stop now.
We had plans lay out for the next few months, and based on the new gantt chart, I should be busy doing my work starting tonight, but here I am, writing this so-called announcement that few people would care. LOL. 
Prof was soft spoken the whole discussion, even when filling up my progress report. He kind of like a psychic who can read through my mind and sees through all my weakness and concern and stuff! So no point cheating him pun...
Told Hon about this, and he said to start writing on publicatio…

Makan Trip: Malacca + Muar Johor


1) 486 Baba Low, Jalan Tengkera

The variation of food was not wide, Laksa - Mee Siam - Nasi Lemak - Popiah - Paitee - period.

I in-charge of taking the seat and Hon went to order the meal at counter. When he walked back, an aunty whose husband sitting next to our table walked back too, and said to the husband:"Yeeer they are very rude! Have to wait half an hour summore!!"

马六甲+麻坡 觅食记


*其实这趟觅食记是在七号就发生了,可是因为是一场‘骗局’,所以得延后好久才publish post。

早早地,七点半就出门了。南北大道从大概过了UPM不久开始大排长龙,车辆有一下没一下地走,原来是kepochi jam -_- 南下车道车祸。



PS:够力咯什么都想写双语版 -_-

回个两天一夜,为了表妹的婚礼和“顺便” =P

星期六,天气炎热。娘和我回kampung乡下探望婆婆 - 例行公事。




I thought my short trip back to KB would be a dull everything-is-according-to-plan one, but OH BOY am I wrong!!

Hot sunny Saturday, me and mom went back to kampung to visit grandma, a usual trip.

Mom has been telling me about we are entering the durian and mangosteen season, and she asked me to invite Hon for a durian feast (which he is very looking forward too!). On the way entering the house, mom pointed the durian trees at the orchard by the house, "See?? There's durian on the tree already!"

郊游去:Riverside, Janda Baik

和宏的‘游’友们相约到离吉隆坡市很近的 Janda Baik 郊游野餐去。

Oh shit 我忘了唱郊游歌!!
就是那首啊... ...
“走 走 走走走 我们小手拉小手
走 走 走走走 一同去郊游
白云悠悠 阳光柔和
青山绿水 一片锦绣”

众人表示:没有很想听,请收声  -_-

Janda Baik,或 Good Widow,或‘好寡妇’ 离吉隆坡市45km,半至一个小时的车程,很适合城市人暂别繁华都市拥抱大自然的好去处。

KL Weekend Getaway: Riverside, Janda Baik

Hon, me, drag-along Shien and friends went to Riverside, Janda Baik for picnic and water dipping.

Janda Baik, or 'good widow', is only less than an hour drive from KL, so it is an ideal outdoorsy spot for the city people.

One guy Yee Song prepared seafood, another guy Alex prepared 'others', dearie Hon prepared utensils. He got those trusty disposable BBQ sets, not environmental-friendly but makes our life easier.

Updates on Kayap (ver. 2)

Update again:

Last Friday, I went to the hospital with Lee Jynn to donate blood. It was her first time and she was sooooooo nervous.

You know the drill if you ever been to a blood donation. After filling up the form, "check point 1" step up the weighing scale, get a pinch on your finger to obtain few drops of blood to "check point 2" check hemoglobin level and blood type (wonder why are they still doing that although the blood type is clearly stated on my donation book!), then you are asked to meet with the doctor-on-duty for Q&A and blood pressure checking session.

Update on Kayap/Shingles

Right after the previous post, I went to the clinic, started antiviral antibiotic and applied the Declovir cream on the infected.

Miraculously, the next morning (Day 5), it dried up to a point that it was no longer so nasty :) ...but still in pain.

I had to bring along a change of clothes when I arrive at the lab, as the 'proper wear' has hard fabric and is harsh/induce pain to the area. I had to stop all sweating activities to make sure the area is dry for the drying-up process.

12 hours Fitness (Zumba) Party 2014 in Penang

The event was held two weekends ago, took place at Esplanade, Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

The word "12 hours" might be horrifying, but I've been to the 12 hours International Walk in Putrajaya, so no biggie for me.

The event was held side by side with the Penang 12 Hour International Walk, and since the beginning, I had this feeling that the Fitness event gonna suck somewhere and sometime as the Walk event would be the priority even though the Fitness event's participants outnumbered the Walk event.

It's Actually Shingles/Herpes Zoster/"Kayap"

Despite my previous post, I was wrong about the illness I had on me, so wrong. So did the doctor -_-

I admit my purpose of writing the previous post was to boost my pageview (and I tell you the Charlie awareness page was way over my expectation), that's why I 'part 2' the post, but manatau when I googled the keywords, only the other one pop up on the first page.

Awareness: “Charlie” atau Penyakit Kulit Kumbang Rove (Part 2)

The evil creature has come back!!

The season has come where we are infested by all sorts of tiny little bugs and insects, especially since there's vast paddy field behind my lab and jungle of trees and bushes and stuff behind my house. They favor the bright lights and moist environment so places like toilet is their preferred hangout spot. I started to notice Charlie crawling around the lab's toilet floor, wall, pipe, toilet bowl (!!) and has been extra cautious not to step on them. I can even find them in my room, crawling up my arm ewwwww!!

This is how a Charlie looks like:

...and how big this bugger is? I compared it with a size 8 slipper in the toilet:
See that tiny dot at the tail of the Love? That's how 'big' it is...

Few nights back I could feel insects crawling on my body when I was at home, since I only wear tank top and shorts (curse the terrible hot weather), and there's one time Charlie was on my arm! I brushed it off carefully with paper*.

*As menti…

Wee Shirlyn Update

It's been a while since I last talked about her... her first birthday... and now she nearing her second birthday!

This little rascal has grown into an angel and monster blend in one tiny soul.

She is so addicted and obsessed to smartphones and iPad, the electronic handheld is banned in the house by my mother. By 'addicted', I mean she would roll on the floor growling and crying and screaming and throwing the biggest tantrum she can make to get her hand on her mother's iPhone, that's why grandma comes out with such rules in the house. In another word, we need to be sneaky when using our phone, so less and less pictures I can take of her sien max -___-  Plus, it is nearly impossible for me to take her pictures when I am alone in the house with her, so when there's other yiyis around to be her playmate, I get the chance to take pictures.

For The Love of (Harumanis) Mango 为芒果疯狂

If you don't know him already, Hon sometimes can be quite crazy when it comes to things he likes. This time, just because he heard from my uni friends about the famous Harumanis mango in Perlis, and I told him about the mango Theresa bought last week, and now entering the season, and note that he is a HUGE fan of mango (besides durian etc etc etc), he drove 500km up North for the first hand taste of the Harumanis.

Early morning, after breakfast, we went (me revisited) to the Harumanis Mango Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat. Unfortunately, we were informed by the staff at this farm that there is NO mango available for us the visitors to purchase as their 'booking' is full for April and May!! We need to check back for June's stock!! Disappointed, we satisfied our urge at the cafeteria. RM5.50 for a plate of Harumanis or pulut mangga, and RM2.50 for fresh mango juice. We had three plates of Harumanis (which is not even 1kg of the real fruit -___- )

His Birthday

His birthday is conveniently landed on the International Women's Day; With his sampat kepochi personality, he fits in just fine.

I made the birthday boy Konnyaku jellies which turned out to be a little nasty as it melted! Fortunately it didn't spoil the taste.

Someone Like You by Adele

Just a random blurt...

Usually when Hon and I drive around, we turn on the radio or listen to the CD or just silent everything up when we are in the mood of chatting.

When we started dating, I was in his car, and the radio was playing Adele's Someone Like You. I remember telling him about the lyrics, and how it is not possible to happen on me, although I do eventually found someone like Hon - the kind of love I have ever wished for.

Every breakup has a reason. I did found a good guy, but it just didn't work out. He finds his true love at last, and so do I, everyone moves on. And, despite how nice he is, I don't want to find someone like him (the nice ex).

Yada yada blah blah about love philosophy, but that's not the reason I want to write this post.

The true reason being, the song was not played once, or twice, but at least 7-8 times when we are in the car!!

Not Rolling in the Deep, not Skyfall, not Set Fire to the Rain, no no no. Everytime is Someone Like You!
OK lah …

5D4N Langkawi

The Chinese version took me a month to finish it -__- so I'm gonna make it short for the English one...

***   ***   ***

... ... ...What?! Huh? What can you do there for five days!?

That was the first impression I get when I told my friends where did I disappear to since New Year.

Well, because we can. Hehe...
In fact, so does a lot other tourists, mainly foreigners, who stays for days and weeks.

Here's some of the highlights.


(After some heated bargaining) We rented a car for RM40 (!!) per day with a company -- which name I did not remember and I misplaced the name card, the booth is at the other end of the KFC row, 3-4 booths wide.

En. Zaidi dealt with us for the car arrangement and stuff, he's been superbly helpful especially in terms of switching cars coz, since we rented the cheapest rate of cars, most of the cars available are either broken here or kaput there, so we've been switching for 3 cars at least when we finally had a car with better condition, but …

5天4夜 兰卡威 Langkawi (1/1 - 5/1/2014)

... ... ...可以做什么!?


酱久不闷咩?? Langkawi有什么可以玩5天的噢!?



其实,跟对的人一起游玩,再闷的地方也会显得好玩,而且,我可以大大声地说:“Langkawi我走完了!!” =D