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The Chronicle of M&M - Progress

1) Nap place

With the size of cage of 130cm x 50cm + 50cm x 50cm, they can simply sleep wherever they like. These are basically where they love to sleep most of the time:

i. toilet mat tunnel

I rolled up an unused toilet mat to make a tunnel, and put it in the cage for them to play. Literally, they find it a very nice place to nap and hide, as if I can't see them huh...

ii. Toilet-cum-nap-place

This initially-to-be toilet has 'malfunctioned', as they don't understand the purpose of it from the beginning til now, yet, they love to nap there, especially since I put a stone in it to hold a cloth in place. The sweetest thing is when they sleep with eyes closed :) (FYI, GPs are very intimate and cautious animals, they hardly nap/sleep with eyes closed)

Anyway, some of the time they can sense an annoying camera lens pointing at them, again and again, so...

^What WHAT??? What are you looking at????

iii. Food bowl

Their food bowls are made of ceramics, so it functions as a 'cooling…

V Day is so overrated~

...says the gal who is single for almost 3 years.

It's just another weekday in Perlis. We still went to lab, ate, chit chat etc etc, as normal as any other day can be.

We did have some simple V Day celebration before the yoga class. Theresa declared a V Day theme for the yoga, everyone wearing red/pink outfit to her class, photo taking sessions, and cupcake makan time! :)

^Group pictah before class!

^The sweeties Theresa - instructor and great bff!

^LOL You know me, I do stuffs like that :)

Movie I Watched

1. My Sister's Keeper (2009)

Conclusion: I got sadding :(

This movie has been in my HDD for, hmm, two years? And I have yet to watch it until last weekend when the 'movie mood' came.

The part when the doctor (it's Bones!!) announced to Kate's parents that Kate has leukemia, precisely Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, I automatically murmured "M3", and stunted then LOL after few seconds for the 职业病 - 'profession side effect'(?).

I cried so hard during the court scene, as at the beginning I really thought Anna was the one who wants to sue their parents. I can't understand the feeling thoroughly of having a close family diagnosed cancer; I mean, the closest relative of mine who was diagnosed cancer is my aunt, but I wasn't around that much when she underwent series of chemo and the suffering time, but thank goodness she's all well now.

The part where the aunties and uncles of Kate's giving advice of 'positive thinking' and stuff irks m…

CNY 2012

Pre CNY:
1) Had my haircut at a self-operated saloon in Kuala Perlis, decided not to do hair dye at the shop, instead a DIY hair dye kat rumah~ This should be the second time I DIY-ed hair dye, and I chose...

^Liese 泡泡染发剂 aka Liese Bubble Hair Color

Wanted to take the pink-ish color range like Cassie Berry but it wasn't available at that particular Guardian and was too lazy to look for it at another place, so picked up the Sweet Apricot color since my hair is kinda dark-ish and a bright color might stand out more easily.

I was very cautious about doing this and kiasu-ly reading the instructions over and over again. Anyway, it wasn't that easy as I thought yet not too hard either, just that I didn't know how to properly lather the bubbles on my hair.

^Waiting 30 mins...

^Work done!

Can't really see the color there but according to Tino, 'it's not black' =___= The chemical smell of the product is quite heavy, still can smell it after 2-3 days. Thankfully as time go…