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Hon's Surprise Visit to the North

Two weekends ago Hon paid a surprise visit to the North. I wasn't expecting him to come at all and he said he already gave me hint the night before by asking me "Any activity tomorrow evening?" Dude that is like routine question how am I suppose to tell from that!?!

When he called and asked me to look outside my lab, I 心花怒放 immediately :)))

Too bad for him lah when he asked the night before I didn't decide to do anything, but I suddenly inspired to go for a hill climbing, so he had to tag along.

I have been sick for more than a week now, nothing serious but fever and occasional running nose and coughing with sputum (suspected dengue but the fever lasted for only 1 night and 1 day thank goodness). I hate getting sick especially after I haven't been sick for such a long time, when I got sick it is really bad. My body aches, feeling really really tired and exhausted, luckily no headache and stuff but the fact that I don't feel well simply sucks max!