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Home Improvement

Moved in with le bf in April.

The house is a double storey low cost terrace house, so we don't have a back door, literally.
You imagine the usual terrace house, then that usual terrace house is cut in half, and the back door of that usual terrace house is the front door of another house. Macam townhouse but we're connected back-to-back not upstairs-and-downstairs lah. Anyway, you don't care, so let's move on.

We stay at Bertam area of Kepala Batas, which has a LOT of Taman. The area is quiet me like-y. One of the best thing about this move is that, le bf opens a furniture store, so our house was furnished pretty quickly with supplier-priced furnitures haha! And the quality is good too yay!

However, the down side about low cost housing is that, the flooring is cement floor. You know, like the floor in your classroom. My tolerance of things is quite high but not this one.

The thing about cement floor is that, no matter how many times you mop the floor, it feels dusty aft…

New Niece: Yao 瑶

Let's revive this blog for awhile~ I miss blogging! I miss writing (casually)!

I have a new niece!!

OK she's already six month old by now, consider throwback lah hah!

Chen (my sister and the mother of the new niece) asked my mom to help in her confinement month, to cook, to do laundry and what not. Her MIL helped during her first born but she couldn't make it for this one so my mom is up. Since I was in the middle of correcting my thesis, I promised to go along as assistant when my correction was done.

Her expected due was supposed to be on the end of Feb, which was few weeks after CNY. Everyone already planned their things. I too already planned my things.
Finished correction in two weeks - go to KL.

However, thing took an unexpected turn.

On the 19th 7am, Chen messaged on our group chat saying her tummy hurts and she will go to the hospital after drop off her first kid Xuan at nanny. Two weeks early!!!

I told Sing (le new bf) about it and that I might have to go to KL two…