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Movie Weekend

As promised, I went to KL last weekend due to the long weekend break (Oops ponteng-ed on Sunday). Watched 2 movies on the same day.

This poster I found in Wiki is cool, it states how to pronounce the 'Ip Man'. Haha!

Wow Ip Man (pronounced Yeep, not I.P.) is good!! damn good!!

Maybe it's just me, Ip Man is one of the best kungfu movies I liked so much after Jet Li's Fong Sai Yok series! I never really pay much attention in Donnie Yen's movies, but his kungfu image and trademark has been well known for so many years.

In this movies, Donnie Yen potraits Ip Man, the grandmaster of the Wing Chun and sifu of Bruce Lee. The fighting scenes were all choreographed by Sammo Hong.

In one of the forum in lowyet where people talked about this movie, most of them commented that Donnie Yen's acting is too stiff. A stiff look belongs to a humble man like Ip Man, isn't it? Gee~~~

My fav scenes in the movie:
1. Kiut~!! : When Ip Man and Jin Shan Zhao are fighting in the living roo…


Congratulation ;)

...and Merry Christmas =)

Discovery Channel - I Love the World

The world is just awesome =)

But, I just wonder... I think I see two versions of this commercial. Another one is, Adam and Jamie took part in the singing too... Hmm... Whatever~

I love the whole world =)

Happy Post ^_^

Result is out! =)

And I'm hyper happy! ^-^

You know what does that mean...?

Oh gosh! I'm so excited I might spend loads of money in KL this weekend to get a gift for myself

Latihan Indutri (5) - BP cuffs

Today I visited ward 3 - Baby ICU with Apis to fix 2 BP sets.

This is a first time I actually see the BP cuffs used for babies, infants and children. See the size differences between the cuffs?

The adult cuff looks so gigantic among those baby cuffies. Kiut~~~ ^_^

We need to try the cuffs to make sure there's no air leaking - which means the cuffs are good. Of course we tried out first with the adult cuff to make sure the BP set is working. Then I tried the baby cuffs.

OMG~ My baby's arm will be as big as my three fingers

And OH look the size of the arm is the same as my thumb...

Random story time:
I asked mum yesterday about the Christmas holiday because I thought there's no holiday in Kelantan on the day (because as I remembered I worked on that day when I was with Akrab).

Mum said: We always have holiday in December!How should I know?

Nee said: What about Christmas?

Mum said: We always have holiday in December! Don't you get it? We always have holiday in December!!

Nee said: .…

Latihan Indutri (4) & 冬至

1. Yesterday was 冬至, a chinese festival that celebrates for the beginning of Winter (冬至=冬天的到来 wtf). On this day, we will eat Tang Yuan, a kind of none(in malay)-alike sweeties, which we knead the flour into dough, then tear it into small pieces, and roll it until it becomes a round small tiny dough. It's been 2 years (i think) already that I haven't celebrate this day with my family. Sigh. But this year is finally excluded! =)

Correction: The actual event of 冬至 aka Dong Zhi aka Dang Jek aka Winter Solstice is that it falls on the shortest day on the year - usually either 21 or 22 Dec. Old folks saying that the weather condition of 冬至 is inverse proportionally to the weather condition of CNY, which means if it's raining on 冬至, it will be a big sunny day on CNY. On the early years, it really proves the authentication of this statements. However, nowadays the uncertain weather condition strikes, this kind of saying is unreliable.

Even though there's only 2 of us in the hous…

Latihan Indutri (3)

This is the story of what I do everyday in Radicare Hospital Kota Bharu.

Our job tasks are roughly divided into three major tasks:
1. T&C (Testing/Training & Commissioning)
2. Unscheduled Maintenance/Respond (e.g. phone call complaint)
3. PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance)

1. Task 1 will be done when a new equipment is purchased by the hospital and the equipment have been delivered by the vendor/supplier and received by the particular hospital department. Until now, I have attended 3 t&c for 3 different equipments (syringe pump, endoscopy balloon control unit and patient monitoring system PMS).

The 'chaplang' PMS which costs RM13k +.+

T&C is a very good opportunity for us to not staying bored in the office while able to spend long time elsewhere. Wakakka!

2. Task 2 is the most important and most frequent task that I/we will encounter in a day. Nurse or sister will call up Radicare office when there's a breakdown, either critical or normal (not that they can judge…

Latihan Industri (2)

This morning, we have a so-called perhimpunan at our Radicare office's parking bay.

Well, it can consider a 'standard' perhimpunan procedures except one: nyanyikan lagu Negaraku! =D

After several days and weeks of non-stop rainy days, this two days' weather was great. Sunny bright sun light is back. So is today, and damn it's so hot for us to stand under the sun +.+ After baca doa, the pengerusi rancangan introduced the new staffs, and us O_o to all the staffs. Luckily there were 8 of us, but I can still feel some heat on my face *blek*

Our biomedic manager gave his speech first. It was so weird he talked about 'eat' and eating habit O_0 Then FEMS manager's turn, talking about a story which the moral of the story is be yourselves O_0 Lastly was the Radicare Kelantan manager's turn, and finally more related agendas he talked about (although the sun was so hot I couldn't absorb anything he said already).

On the afternoon we had a small bek woh at our …

Latihan Industri (1)

Today is the second day of my InTra aka Industrial Training aka Latihan Industri aka LI. Yay it's fun!

First day of LI was booooriinnggg. Most of the time I just sat in the office facing the other coursemates who went to the same place and the staffs. The office is not as big as the HUSM's biomedical office, plus the staffs are more than HUSM's, so the office is a little packed. Even the staffs don't have their own seat or cubicle. Hmm...

Today, I was so occupied and busy! Haha! Siao one busy also can be so happy +.+ I think I've walked almost few thousand steps today. I went to almost every corner of HKB, since morning sending equipments retrieving equipments at few wards and labs, Top syringe pumps training & commissioning at ward 3; evening session: another round of sending and retrieving equipments to-fro wards. Shiok!

And the fun-er part is, we getting closer and closer among the staffs. Can even start one or two lame jokes with them already! Hehe =)

Just hope…

Construction of Kong Ming 诸葛亮孔明

This is the box.
This is not the original version of BB Gundam.

Take note at the bottom right of the box. If it is original, it is produced by BanDai. Instead, this one is from HongLi. As you all know, pirated quality is not so good.

Body parts of Kong Ming before assembly.

After assembly

Wearing helmet and crown


The fan-shape weapon that can transform into a spy bird!

Ps: The pirated version's quality is not good in terms of few aspects. First, The cutting of stickers is not totally finished, so I have to tear it off at the end of the cutting when tearing it off from the paper, summore the color is not good also. Plus, when assembling the parts together, the hole and the pole is not quite match either, so I need to push it hard to get it combined together. Haiz~

When I bought Liu Bei and Cao Cao the other day, I have this 'Not for sale' little soldier for free.

The assembling of this model is easy. It has only 3 major parts: one whole piece body, hands and legs.

The color…

Coco's vet visit

Since I came back home, our family dog Coco Lim seemed upset.

Mum said Coco's finger grows too long unstopable, her nail eventually curved and circled around her tiny little finger and penetrates through her flesh.

Well, my phone's camera's resolution ain't that good, but we can actually see the nail came out through the flesh and her finger was swollen, seriously. Pain huh?

Of course she can feel the pain herself, so she licked her painful finger all the time.

The other leg's finger's condition is better, but the nail is growing as well, required some attention.

Not that we're not doing anything about this, but whenever my mom and I wanna do the 'operation' on her by cutting her nails, she can sense our evil plan, whining and crying so pathetically, and of course struggled as if we are going to take her live. Haiz~

So, today, we decided to bring her to the vet. Along the journey, she seemed puzzled and I think she's wondering:"Where the heck thi…

Mummy's Job Task

One of Mummy's job tasks is to mark SPM English Paper. This would be one of her busiest and fuzziest moments along a whole year. I mentioned once about her marking paper thing last year, so I'm going to talk about it again this year.

She had her meeting starting yesterday, and it will last for few days.

Last night, she let us (San jie and I) read some of the answer sheets. (not sure this is a private and confidential terms apply anot, and every year, there's must be very funneh stuffs for me to laugh to, so...)

I didn't read the questions throughoutly. One of the essay writing titles is a one word title: 'Stars'. Well, mum thinks that it should be one of the questions that that particular school spotted, and the whole batch of form 5 students of that particular school were given the same hint/idea by the teacher(s). Because, she said for a 40something papers, only 1 or 2 are writing this stars as a different individual, and the other 40something are writing this …

Home-staying spoilt brat

I've back in KayBee for 4 days now.

OH YEAH! First of all...

*Happy Birthday to See Yan and Emie Nadieya*


Even though they might not be seeing my blog +.+

Staying at home in a raining season makes one a serious lazy bone. For the past few days, I woke up at 11am, wearing pyjamas all day long, sitting in front of PC watching YouTube, and sitting in front of TV watching Astro.

Home PC has start up problems, Haiz something goes wrong somewhere on the motherboard or RAM already (btw, the RAM is 512MB while using Window Vista. Yes I know I know. Told dad about that ady.)

The TMNut Streamyx at home suxx to the max too, I had problems loading, reflexive, hotmail, yahoo, facebook, and even Google and my own blog! Ches~
However, I managed to finish one whole episode of LoveLetter Season 1 featuring ShinHwa, ShinChun and gorgeous Han Ga In(Witch Yoo Hee) and Ha Ji Won(What Happened In Bali). =)

Raining season is boring, as you will feel so lazy to go out to make yourself wet and/or wil…

Balik Kampung!!

Yay kampung is balik-ed!!!!


On Friday, I finished my German paper for about 1 hour half, hurriedly ran out from the exam hall coz it's too cold!!! DKD5 mah those who know will know. Then I rushed to CIA office to see Pn. Lyn.

LCC and I drove back from Perlis yesterday morning. I planned to use the Alor Star route but when we went for about 8km along that road, traffic jam strikes! Duh~ We're not very sure what caused the traffic jam and how long it will take to 'wait', so we changed our route to Changlun blahblah to highway.

Lost again in SP, went for one big round to go back to the normal route. Along the route, I was tired and had a head-ache, but weird coz I didn't sleep at all. It's not very hot, raining at some places.

We reached KayBee at about 6pm.

*Home sweet home*


Ayat-ayat di bawah mengandungi beberapa kesalahan dari segi tatabahasa. Sila kenal pasti kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut.

1. Nanti aku nak gi masuk minyak untuk kereta aku.

2. Masukkan tempat kosong.

3. Mana diorang dapat kopun pasar malam tu har?

I can't remember others!!! Ches~~~

Photo-post (2)

Yay!!! Pictures time!!!

Let's go!

1. Still at hostel. Messy+untidy+didn't-touch-up-yet look

2. OK! Touched up bit-bit already~ Hird and I in da bus

3. Self posing in da hotel toilet first

4. Posing at the entrance first

5. Dinner's theme.

6. Table nombor dua

7. Our wakil pengerusi rancangan ^^ giving speech

8. Makan time! Fish and prawn.

The latter cuisines were speechlessly not nice =.="

9. King and Queen of the night ^^

10. Potong-Cake ceremony

11. etc etc etc...

Nadeeya, Alimin, me, Zainal Abidin and Su

Us with our RPS Encik Zulkarnay and his wife ^^ (blurred)

Us with our RPS Encik Zulkarnay and his wife ^^ (fixed)

Group photo at the hotel front door

HahaHHAhaHahhaH! Kenot tahan laughing while they're taking this photo. Orang yang berkenaan will understand the funny part inside this photo
En. Megat and En. Hanafi

HAHHAHAhhahahahAHhAh! This one too!!
En. Hanafi